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Butterfly is a data visualization tool that helps you to create astonishing diagrams and graphs with a few mouse clicks!

Just like Excel charts that create charts from the Excel tables, this tool enables Autodesk® Revit® users to create charts from Revit schedules directly within the Revit application.

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Wersja 0.3, 06.10.2022
Note in this version of Butterfly App the 3D Room diagram is deprecated. More charts are added. Data can be grouped. The chart can be created in both Image and Family form.

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  • Cant generate chart
    Maja Westman | kwietnia 25, 2024


    I have a trial version of butterfly installed, but cant generate the image after alla the settings are correct and a graph is generated (the left corner says "ready") - is this feature not unlocked in trial version or is this a bug? 


    Ali Torabi (Wydawca) | maja 01, 2024

    Hi Maja, does it generate the revit family when you choose family option? and which version of Revit are you using?

    Maja Westman | maja 02, 2024

    Hi! When i press generate revit family it says that it can not find revit OST generic family template and then nothing happens. I have tried it on revit 2021, 2022, 2023. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have sent emails to your support but have not seen any reply /Maja

  • Only error-codes
    Sebastian Reinholdtsen | marca 31, 2020

    Would be cool, but it only throws error codes for all the features

    Ali Torabi | kwietnia 02, 2020

    Hi Sebastian , Thank you very much for your feedback, It would be great if you click on "send report" button so we can know more about the error and your experience. Also be kind to post your issue on the forum to discuss it further. Have a nice day.

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