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Autodesk® Site Designer Extension for Autodesk® Revit® software helps architects, designers, and planners convey building site planning concepts to engineers. Site Designer runs inside Revit software and uses native families, components, and toposurfaces, so site designs become part of the overall model.  You can model alternatives for mass grading, building pads, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and retaining walls all within the Revit environment.  More easily convert a sketched line into a street, sidewalk, curb and gutter, retaining wall or parking lot in the model.  You can manipulate Site Designer components using editing tools to change their location, elevation, grade or geometry, and Site Designer automatically updates and maintains the underlying toposurface.


  • Report and schedule areas, volumes, and cut and fill volumes to better understand the impact of site design changes on requirements to move or add fill.
  • Iterate conceptual designs and create more realistic visuals of the building site by incorporating grading features directly into the Revit model.   
    • Better communicate conceptual design ideas about the building site to engineers  who can then complete the detailed site design using professional civil engineering tools like Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software. 
    • Share the appearance of site plan designs for better communication with everyone involved in the project, including owners, architects, designers, planners and civil engineering firms.
  • Share a site model between Revit and Civil 3D through Land XML files, improving collaboration between architects and engineers working on a project.
  • More quickly add design elements to your site such as berms and drainage swales, minimizing the time required to mass grade a site and to try alternatives at the design development stage.
  • Special terrain families within Site Designer provide you with parameters that control widths, cut and fill slopes and other projection settings.
  • Locate hardscape components such as streets, intersections, sidewalks, curbs and walls that can follow the existing terrain and have controlled elevations and slopes - all while the toposurface is automatically maintained.


Looking for Site Designer 2017? Download it here: → Manage → Revit → Updates → Add-Ons

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  • About version problem
    Wushuang19881117 Wushuang19881117 | marca 18, 2019 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    hello. really thanks for providing 2017 version to download, that's very helpful. But is there a new version for 2019 Revit. I can not work on a master plan between two versions.

  • Poor
    Matt Barnard | grudnia 13, 2018

    The street function hardly works and response is sporadic, its slow and overly complicated.

    Total waste of time although the idea is great definately need this thing to actually work.

  • Totally useless for anyone using Metric system
    Susana Duarte | grudnia 06, 2018

    Has everybody already complained this tool need to work with the metric system ans slopes as percentages. As of right now, it is totally worthless.

  • Dont Bother!
    Simon Newton | listopada 16, 2018

    dont bother! save your time

  • Completely Useless
    Kristin Higgins | października 27, 2018

    Revit already had a function that did topography. This was supposed to help with everything else and it can not even do a simple street. In what universe are all street intersections at a perfect 90 degrees? This is a useless software that is a waste of time to try and learn. Autodesk I would expect better. 

  • Units
    Алексей Лободин | sierpnia 31, 2018

    Work correct only in Imperial units.

    Where is Metric units support.

  • Site designer sur Revit 2019
    Adrien Architecture | maja 22, 2018 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Bonjour je cherche a instaler le pluging ( site designer) sur Revit 2019... sans succes pour le moment! L'application es t'elle adapter? doit 'on utiliser une vertion particuliaire?


    Phil Emmanuel Ilunga | października 19, 2018

    Salut Adrien Architecture, Site designer est un addon qu'ils traitent et mettent à jour souvent avec retard.Dès qu'il est pret ,ils vont nous le balancer. C''est comme ça que je l'ai toujours eu dans Application Autodesk Bureau et je le télécharge directement .Je suis impatient pourSite designer pour Revit 2019 !!! Bon boulot à vous,confrère !!!

  • first draft... please review the app
    Raphaã«l Halfon | kwietnia 05, 2018

    Soft Terrain : sometimes it works as expected, sometimes no when selecting an existing line...

    Retaining Wall : the slope can only go down from the top of the wall... a retaining wall works in the other side : the slope should go UP from the top of the wall

    Family Manager : when modifying a family on a French computer, the values go crazy (200000000000000000.00m for the width of the wall)

    Blair Knox | maja 14, 2018

    can you increase the height of the the wall?. if so why don't you create 2 or more Retaining wall change the height so that the end slope/wall looks like it is connected to the top slope/wall of the Retaining Wall.

  • Poor functionality
    Ashley Poole-Graham | listopada 21, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I had high hopes for this plugin, but it does not function as it should and is full of bugs. This is a much needed add-in, make it work Autodesk!!

  • Bonne application, mais fermeture brutale de Revit
    Sébastien Chheng | listopada 06, 2017

    Une bonne application mais une fermeture brutale de Revit lors de la fermeture un des projets. Pour Revit 2017, la suppression d'Add in dans le dossier "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2017" est suffisant pour règler le problème. Pour Revit 2016, la désinstalltion est nécessaire.

    Stephen Menzies | października 04, 2017

    I have been experiencing crashes when ever I exited a file in Revit. By the process of elimination I finally discovered that it was Site Designer that caused those crashes. so be warned, however by removing this add on the problem goes away.

  • waste of time
    Mamon Shareef | września 06, 2017

    attempting for the second time to use this extension and both times i wasted more time than i should. Autodesk failed on this unless they revamp it

  • Improve the Extension
    Edwin Obegi | września 05, 2017

    The second time am trying to design a site in my drawings using site designer. it is frustrating to use its features. Do something about this extension . relying on it to model a site is a total waste of time .Errors and warning every time. i have tried almost all tools under Site design , nothing seems linking up with my drawings.

  • Not worth the effort
    Kimberly Hamers | sierpnia 17, 2017

    Don't bother with this program, especially when you work in metric units. The dimensions of the families go crazy. On top of that you get many errors or warnings without knowing how to solve them. For now, I'm sticking with floors to create my streets and sidewalks.

  • Inaccurate data
    Jeremy Mooring | lipca 07, 2017

    Site designer produces extremely inaccurate data when importing surfaces from Civil 3d via landxml. It does not recognise breaklines, therefore any boundaries or sharp triangulation are lost in the import process. Get serious about making this work - embarrassing attempt from autodesk

  • 2 Star
    Naresh Kumar | lipca 04, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I was very exciting about this plug-in. But after spending couple of hour and reading Autodesk help. it is not worthwhile for time being to utilized in any live running project. Autodesk has to seriously think what they are providing to user.

  • Waste of time
    Rocky Balboa | marca 12, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I´ve spent a week trying to make this work for a building site. Just horrible interface and the whole modify panel is useless, its impossible to make changes later on. I cant even understand how this could possibly be of any use other than to make me mad.

  • Network path error
    Engilbert Gonowon | lutego 24, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I am excited to test this plug-in however i keep on getting this error 1 the network path was not found. then 2."A transaction or sub-transaction was opened but not closed. All changes to the active document made by External Command will be discarded." i dnt have any idea why its try to connect on the netrowk path. i just only creating a road. and i check the file location for the sample street, is accessible. This is a great tool but i am hoping that you hae at least some minor help tab. or video how this can be use on the initial process. Thanks.

  • Poor
    Ai Ling Tian | lutego 16, 2017

    I was excited to see the Site Designer first time. But the software does not work friendly. Autodesk please test and ensure the software running smooth first before releasing to users. very poor.

  • Works better in IMPERIAL units
    Mirko Jurčević | lutego 10, 2017

    Program has a lot of problems. That's a fact. But, information that could be helpful to some users is if you switch your units from metric to imperial, program works better.

  • Great concept, poor implementation
    Tomek Piatek | grudnia 14, 2016

    This extension represents a really good concept but the implementation is too basic. Even on simple projects it's just too hard to manipulate the various site components that can be created with this tool. It feels like a proof of concept app bolted onto Revit. It is not production ready or even helpful in preliminary design.

    Pablo Calero | listopada 28, 2016

    I can only use it to "test" in freshly new files from basic templates, I cannot use it in my yet started project with my enterprise template, it crashes at every time. Sometimes it recreates a new base topographic surface, sometimes it crash when starting street creation... I've lost some hours trying to make it works to finally make my streets with basic revit tools. I'll maybe retry it when next release will be launched if it becames more stable...

  • Problems with Site Designer
    Neil Reilly | września 28, 2016 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I downloaded and installed Site Designer and now I have only foreign templates!!! What is the solution???

  • Probleme
    David Monti | września 26, 2016 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Bonjour, Lorsque je tente une action, terrassement ou autres, j'ai l'erreur suivante: Ribbon erreur : Descripteur non valide. Pouvez vous m'aider ? Merci

    Salut Merci | października 18, 2016

    Bonjour Dvid je cherche site designer version française merci

  • Japanese edition
    崇志 齋藤 | sierpnia 19, 2016 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I need a Japanese edition.

  • great tool
    Jean Joy | sierpnia 06, 2016 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    tool is great............ but i am facing issues while creating road intersections and junctions. how can i create roundabout junctions using this tool??????? and also i am facing problems with turning radius in intersections........... anybody help me please...

  • The Best
    Evandro Monteiro | czerwca 30, 2016

    The best App for designer site.

  • site designer error instalacion
    Maria Lopez De Bustos | czerwca 23, 2016

    He descargado desde la aplicacion de escritorio la instalacion de site designer, pero da un error al final. Failed Installation aborted, Result=1603 Como puedo solucionarlo?

    Andrew Laycock | lipca 26, 2016

    Hola Maria. (Lo siento por la traducción que he utilizado Google Translate) Creo que esto es un problema con una nueva versión de C ++ o .NET . Si abre el archivo en el enlace " Instalación de archivo de registro " y la búsqueda de " fallar " en este documento el bloc de notas , verá la aplicación que ha causado el problema . Como lo entiendo el software que está instalando está esperando para ver que digamos que C ++ 2015 V1.00 y las ventanas u otra aplicación se ha actualizado la versión de C ++ a un nivel superior , por ejemplo, C ++ 2015 V1.20 como la instalación está a la espera v1.00 error en la instalación . En el pasado he quitado la V1.20 C ++ 2015 y vuelva a ejecutar la instalación de nuevo y funciona. Luego, cuando el software que requiere V1.20 busca la última versión se instalará y como se trata de una actualización del software de Autodesk sigue siendo feliz. Espero que esto ayude. También se indica en el siguiente enlace. Hi Maria. I think this is a problem with a newer version of C++ or .NET. If you open the file in the link "Installation Log File" and search for "Fail" in this notepad document you will see the application that has caused the problem. As I understand it the software you are installing is expecting to see lets say C++ 2015 V1.00 and your windows or other application has upgraded the C++ version to a higher level e.g. C++ 2015 V1.20 as the installation is expecting V1.00 the installation fails. In the past I have removed the C++ 2015 V1.20 and then run the installation again and it works. Then when the software that requires V1.20 looks for the latest version it will install and as this is an upgrade the Autodesk software is still happy. Hope this helps. Also outlined in the link below.

  • revit site designer
    isaac magana | maja 17, 2016

    tengo revit 2016 original pero no se como obtener el revit site designer

  • support for revit 2017?
    Hp Z | kwietnia 21, 2016

    hope it coming soon

    Ping Jiang | kwietnia 25, 2016

    Thank you for your concern, please stay tuned, it will come soon.

    Andre Andersen | maja 12, 2016

    Could it be possible, to at least, give a clue when Site Designer for Revit 2017 is expected to be released?

    Andre Andersen | czerwca 07, 2016

    Hi Jiang. You answered "It should be coming in the next few weeks.". 19 days after your answer, perhaps you could be more specific?

  • no puedo descargar la aplicacion
    Avad Vera | kwietnia 13, 2016

    quisiera que me puedan guiar, para descargar la aplicación de revit por favor

  • Issues on land
    Daniel Almenares | kwietnia 12, 2016

    I have a couple of questions: 1-Why the most of the time do I have to edit the Topography after doing a vertical Pad or any Berm with slope. It's simply dont get the proper 90º degrees vertical pad. Instead some points dont work. 2-Why sometimes when importing form xml the Toposurface doesn't have the right height I mean sometimes the imported terrain seats on negative values instead of the real ones.

  • Do not work
    Stepan Matyushov | marca 04, 2016

    Do not work in Revit 2016 russian. "Ribbon - Warning. You must have at least one Toposurface in your Project to run this command" but i have a toposurface. In russian this named "Топоповерхность" or "Топо-поверхность"

  • Hangs up when I try to edit features
    Steven Raabe | lutego 08, 2016

    The extension hangs up Revit 16 when I try to edit features. Program won't recover and I have to end the program in Task Manager. It worked before but something has changed. I'm halfway through my design and now this. Please help

  • Another Failed Acquisition
    Jason Hughes | lutego 03, 2016

    Clearly this extension is just another blip on the Autodesk Radar. How dare we pull them away from creating new and wondrous things for AutoCAD!! Tried using this extension this morning on Revit 2016. Lots of error messages. If it was only possible to submit this review with zero stars.

  • Much expected, bigger disappoitment
    Vasco Pereira | lutego 03, 2016

    Many issues - poorly developed. This tool isn't worth anything for the Landscape Architecture industry or to do BIM - much simpler tools would do the job. Maybe Site designer would be worth something for someone who wants to play around with the site or perhaps visualization, but not even that because it doesn't work properly.

    Gary A | października 27, 2017

    Actually being Architect since 1977 and learned AutoCAD 7 back in 80's and still working, which I never liked the program anyway...... I am taking special classes to master Revit, I can tell you what we have and experiencing today with Revit, actually I compare operating my computer on Dose bases instead of Window. Sorry but I see it that way. Just think about it. I think instead we telling them the program is no good or good lets try to improve it with our knowledge and ability.

  • Waste of Time
    Denislav Delev | stycznia 28, 2016

    I lost 3 days till now in attempts to run the app in Revit 2016 as expected. Error after error, one leading to another, I'm sick of it and I give up. The idea of the extension and the way it is supposed to work is great, I can only hope they can fix it

    Denislav Delev | lutego 01, 2016

    Well, the last one was when I tried to change the lane width in the Street Type Manager. When I enter a value of 400.0 cm for example and save it, it changes to 4,000,000,000,000,002.0 cm and I get the error "Unhandled exception has occured in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. The given value for value is not finite Parameter name: value." And it gives me the only option "Continue" This happens every single time when I try to modify or create new street family in the Street Family Manager

    Simo Rasmussen | czerwca 23, 2016

    I STILL have the same error - there is no way to make custom lane widths because the plugin automaticaly adds 12 or so zeroes after the number.. so 3500mm is 3500 000 000 000 000 mm. Any fix for this?

  • 2016 release still not working
    Brad Evans | stycznia 27, 2016

    Then New release for 2016, the building pad constant elevation issue still sets the building pad RL at 0.0mm regardless of the value entered into the soft terrain elevation. This issue makes the add in un-usable. Very disappointing that Autodesk purchased the software from Eaglepoint and have now left users with software that does not work as it was originally designed to work by the original developer. I have been using this software since 2010 and it worked really well until REVIT 2016 was released.

  • Waste of Time
    Eric Bowman | stycznia 25, 2016

    I could not be been more disappointed with this app, that promised to fill a long standing void in Revit. After wasting days trying to make sense of the terrible interface, and many half baked tools, I inflicted it on some of my best users to see if perhaps someone else could make it do something worthwhile. Nobody could. Honestly, it appears that Autodesk has virtually halted development.

  • Thanks Autodesk
    Tatiana Machado | stycznia 20, 2016

    The new version updated today (1/20/2016) works as expected, the import land xml issue coming in at the wrong elevation in Revit is fixed

  • Site designer 2016
    Henning Jensen | stycznia 19, 2016

    Really disappointed that Site designer for Revit 2016 doesn't work as smooth as in Revit 2015. This really destroy the workflow between Autocad civil 3D and Revit. Hopefully they will manage to fix it so we again can make have some OK surfaces in our Revit project.

  • Good app
    Krittikorn Sinark | grudnia 17, 2015

    good app for site work but not good for documentation

  • good , Nice app for editing
    Hazem Alsayed | grudnia 08, 2015

    we need alot of familys to use it , but i dont have it .. can u send it to me ??

  • Model in Place
    Eugene Van Wyk | grudnia 07, 2015

    nothing nice to say about this plugin, use at your own risk

  • There will show a Ribbon - Error window "Input string was not in a correct format," when I click the Locate Feature Line button.
    志文 王 | listopada 19, 2015

    There will show a Ribbon - Error window "Input string was not in a correct format," when I click the Locate Feature Line button. I try to reinstall the app. I can't solve it.

    nelson funez | listopada 25, 2015

    necesito la extencion site designer

  • Civil 3D and Civil View instead of Site Designer
    Nixon Magese | listopada 02, 2015

    Site Designer has never worked for me. Fortunately, I master Civil 3D and I am an intermediate user of 3ds Max. So, the alternative to this app is to model the site in Civil 3D and Architectural data in Revit, and combine that in 3ds Max 2016. This was not possible in 2015 versions because I render in the cloud, but now that 3ds Max 2016 supports Cloud Rendering, this is the best way to realistically visualize a site.

    luke xu | listopada 18, 2015

    that is a good and right way instead of site designer

  • Impossible d'importer du LANDXML
    Peter Avsec | października 26, 2015

    Messieurs, J'ai Autodesk Site Designer sur Revit 2015 R2 (Windows 10) et l'import LANDXML fonctionne. Impossible d'importer du LANDXML dans Revit 2016 (Windows 8.1) ou Revit 2016 R2 (Windows 10). Est-ce qu'il une raison ou une solution? D'avance merci de votre aide. Cordialement. Peter

  • good app
    黄 海 | października 26, 2015

    but con‘t work with 2016

  • Site Designer 2016
    Adam Nicholes | października 09, 2015

    The site designer tools for Revit 2015 work great! The tools for Revit 2016 need some serious bug-fixes. They crash or simply don't work most of the time. You might want to get on that before you release the add-in for 2017.

  • Need huge fixing for 2016
    Gilles Pages | października 09, 2015

    The units don't match the input Impossible to define which zone has priority over the other. Not user friendly at all Really bad for autodesk

  • Very good
    Cornelius Davids | września 26, 2015

    I can't download apps. Please tell me what to do.

  • NO Stars
    Elias Munoz Neyra | września 26, 2015

    After testing it for a couple of hours I finally managed to use  and understand it. It desperately needs an overhaul with the interface. It needs polish obviously, but has potential.

  • 2016 Units Problem
    Chad Smith | sierpnia 27, 2015

    Confirming what others have already mentioned here, there is a units issue in 2016 which is making this add-in completely unusable. The new build 2016.1.0.0 still doesn't fix the issue.

  • Plz fix the bugs
    Matthijs Lotter Homan | sierpnia 14, 2015

    Hi Peijun Liu, You are asking: “Could you please let me know how to reproduce the issue so that we can investigate it and the get the issue fixed?” I can set up a GotoMeeting and show you how it was working in 2015 and earlier. And now what happening when using 2016. I can also supply with the demo file to do some exercises. Mail to All my input is based on functionality that was working fine in 2015 and earlier. "Point Wipeout" is working as expected in some cases (maybe only using straight lines?), but can also give some unexpected results (deleting point outside the area and not inside) Maybe because of using curved lines. "Soft Terrain" with the option for using “Relative Elevation from Toposuface” is working fine. "Soft Terrain" does not give any error, but the option for using “Constant Elevation” (most use, I think) put the result on Level 0 regardless what value you use on “Constant Elevation” ‘Feature Line’ Error window: "Input string was not in a correct format," This has been a known problem in the 2015 version as well. It's a problem with the region setting in Windows. If you use the English (USA) Region settings in Windows it will fix that problem (restart revit required). This was a fix for 2015 version (for Metric users). In 2016 version, you get an other Error on ‘Feature Line’:(at least with metric settings): "The given value is not finite Parameter name: value" “Street” and “Retaining Wall” Gives unexpected results and problems excessing the drop down menu’s to choose families. I think there is a bug with the user input dialogue boxes. It now put the ‘mm’ after the value and a separation dot is a comma and in another place: 2015: 5000.0 2016: 5,000 mm (Both are set to 0 decimal places) One last thing is the settings dialogue box resets every time you open it.

  • revit site designer
    立言 庄 | sierpnia 13, 2015

    REVIT2016 not work with this site designer

  • Videos to help with this tool...
    Richard Feineis | sierpnia 03, 2015

    Here are the links from Dan Rosenberg: Site Designer Plugin for Revit - Video 1 - Site Designer Plugin for Revit - Video 2 - Site Designer Plugin for Revit - Video 3 - Site Designer Plugin for Revit - Video 4 - Site Designer Plugin for Revit - Video 5 - Site Designer Plugin for Revit - Video 6 -

    Ninh Truong Huu Ha | sierpnia 06, 2015

    Thank you for your helpful tutorials. :)

    Dan Rosenberg | września 15, 2015

    Thanks for posting my videos!

  • Great Extension
    James Hendry | lipca 23, 2015

    I have used the "Import LandXML" to import in toposurface information from Civils 3D to Revit, this works spot on. Providing that your Revit Project is set up to "world" coordinates in each plane i.e. X,Y & Z.

  • Has the Site Designer been fixed for v.2016?
    Jim Anderson | lipca 22, 2015

    I tried the 2015 version, but found it to be a bit clunky & poor for an Autodesk labelled package. From the reviews, I take it that the software hasn't been improved, but made inaccurate as well?

    Richard Norrish | czerwca 22, 2015

    When will it be fixed? OK for building pads in 2015, 2016 is not right and wont allow correct elevation inputs. IE: if you want a 10000 pad level it adjusts to 10.00 NEEDS FIXING. 0 stars

    Peijun Liu | marca 02, 2016

    Are you talking about the building pad of Revit or something else of Site Designer? Thanks.

    Richard Norrish | marca 03, 2016

    Hi Peijun, Yes building pads, it seems it has been a little sorted reading above, but i am still finding it unusable as of last week. Sand pads for sloping sites was a great use in 2015, hopefully it can be rectified for 2017 release. If it allowed revisions of heights easily, that would be a huge step forward as well. For example, if the pad is at 100.00 or 100000mm and it needed to be changed to, say, 101.00, this could happen without selecting all points individually, it was quicker to re draw when it was working unless it was a perfect rectangle. Thanks, Richard

  • A great desired plugin
    Jose M Carralero | czerwca 13, 2015

    A desired application. It requires purification but excited. I encourage

    Daniel Almenares | kwietnia 12, 2016

    Is a madness

  • 2016 broken
    Steve Gordon | czerwca 04, 2015

    There is a bug with 2016.1.0.0 Input into the user dialogue boxes does not give expected results. When locating / creating soft terrain the offset levels don't seem to work as expected (as in 2105). Modifying soft terrain, changing the elevation etc, again the input value does not reflect in object being changed. input 1000, result 4.2. ??? This is making it unusable.

  • a very odd program
    Tor Andresen | czerwca 03, 2015

    roads are over a thousand millimeter wide. I have tried the two previous versions and given them up. At least the units could be right. Do not waste your time on this app.

  • Not ready for prime time.
    James Kobus | kwietnia 17, 2015

    I tried for two days straight to develop anything meaningful on a practice site. It's a nice idea, but I can't honestly say anything nice about this app. It's extremely slow, even with a small site with few data points. Also, the results are very crude. Streets and curbs don't always cleanup nice. Curbs disappear after editing streets elsewhere on the site. Mass grading creates way too many data points. You can't preview the results, and you have to wait for processing, just to find out that it didn't work as expected. Then, you have to undo and try again with different settings. Very slow process if you are trying different conceptual ideas. Not exactly a design tool. I can't recommend at this time.

  • Removed it ! outright dangerous -----
    Michael Ruehr | kwietnia 14, 2015

    The Sitedesigner very badly slowed our work shared Project As well as corrupting it with 10000 New Linetypes

  • Still clunky and not intuitive, topography looks horrible
    Carlo Ly | lutego 24, 2015

    Very disappointing considering it's being released under Autodesk. Not user friendly, forces you to finish commands / guess next step and making changes basically means starting over. Plus you must work in it's own duplicated toposurface?? Doesn't look very nice at all. The 'families' aka street, retaining walls etc are all very basic as well, nothing that can't be replicated within native Revit easily.

  • Must be integrated in revit
    Simone Lotti | stycznia 30, 2015

    it's necessary to integrate the tools in revit. When I edit pads or streets I can't use the revit tools and the editing tools windows of site designer is very poor and takes time. However it is a good starting point.

  • Only for straight roads
    Josh Tomaschko | stycznia 29, 2015

    User interface is very clunky and results are very crude. Hopefully a new solution comes to the rescue soon.

  • Please, make it better!
    Martin Petermann | stycznia 26, 2015

    Unfortunately, I am still waiting for a good site solution!

  • good app
    Biniam Kassahun | grudnia 11, 2014

    good app for site work but not good for documentation

  • Great App
    Charles Mclean | października 31, 2014 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I created a work around some years ago for creating roads, curbs and gutters. But this app has simplified that creation. The street command works great without any problems. I am looking forward to Autodesk finalizing this in a later release. Very simple to use, and it even gives me my cut and fill calculations. Great Job.

  • Find a better solution
    Patrick Darcey | października 21, 2014 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Not my cup of tea. The program is clunky and is being forced to work at something it wasn't design to do.

  • Where is the documentation...
    Nathan Elliott | października 15, 2014

    For something admittedly clunky, documentation would probably help. I appears its only available during install? As most of us work in corporate environments I hope you can see the problem (deployments, silent installs, permissions, etc...). I understand as my code is rarely perfect the first go-around; but put it on github if the community is going to support it...

  • Don't bother
    Chris Dixon | października 01, 2014 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Seriously limited and clunky software. Completely unintuitive. This is not better than nothing, it's worse than nothing, because Autodesk have now 'ticked the box' on site tools. Scrap it and start over.

  • Nice app for editing topo.
    Claus Persson | października 01, 2014

    Super nice app, especially the Soft Terrain feature is useful, with sloped pads and berms. Don't use roads as mentioned other blog.

  • zero stars
    Stephen Jager, Aia | września 30, 2014 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I now know why its free. I had such high hopes, finally, after 10 yrs a usable site design tool for Revit, but instead, a seriously clumsy interface with dialogue boxes constantly poping up to ask questions, really? Why can't we simply bring in or create a topo surface with our old tool, then, pick the street tool and start drawing streets, that may or may not have curbs and sidewalks associated in one step instead of 3 or 4. Totally, frustrated with this software, don't waste your time, go walk your dog or cat instead. I hope they did not pay much for this, Landmark and Chief Architect have superior site design tools and ridiculously easy to use. Some tutorials would be really helpful, since you have no idea what to expect. I hope they buy Siteops from Bentley

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