Schedule Quick Print and PDF

Schedule Quick Print and PDF

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Prints schedules and panel schedules by the printer or exports them to PDF.

1-    Select schedules/panel schedules
2-    Select printer
3-    Select paper size, orientation, and color
4-    In case of printing PDF, select to print to a single file or separate file.

-In the case of PDF printing, the output file(s) saved location and names will be handled by the PDF printer.
 Refer to the PDF printer settings to modify these options.

-The add-in will automatically scale the schedule to fit in page (each page will contain 1 schedule)

-single licsense for coorporates with unlimited number of machines

-single licsense for single userrs

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Wersja 2.0.0, 03.09.2020
Minor fixes and performance enhancement. Added support for Autodesk® Revit® Version 2021

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  • Fantastic App needed for R22,23,24
    Jose Rios | sierpnia 03, 2023 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    This is a fantastic app that allows batch printing of revit panel scheudles. It saves a lot of time when having to print a large number of panel schedules. I hope the developer would consider updating the versions to allow it to funciton with all of the versions of revit. 

  • It's literally a 'Last Resort'
    Claudio Casco | listopada 06, 2018

    Only really basic print settings/options are provided.

    It is an issue when you have different panels (e.g. 8TPN baord, 16 TPN and 24TPN). The following should be provided:

    - paper size auto selection;

    - be able to set the information at the top of the page (now the table is centered in the middle of the paper).

    But, at the end, better than nothing.

    IBA Dubai | kwietnia 13, 2023

    we are not able to find serial number and keys after purchase... pls. assist

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