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ModPlus is a modular software that is an addition to CAD software, such as Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Revit®, etc.



  • ModPlus allows you to automate design processes, perform modeling in accordance with regulatory documents, as well as to execute documentation in accordance with standards.
  • ModPlus will make your work more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • ModPlus will be an excellent assistant to an engineer of any specialty.
  • ModPlus will satisfy the wishes of all its users as much as possible.


A unique system of auto-updates allows you to release updates of various components instantly. You do not have to wait months for a new version of the whole plug-in! Once an error or suggestion is added to the plug-in component, you immediately get it.


The software consists of several main components:

Configurator - is the basis of ModPlus and serves to connect the plug-in to AutoCad and/or Revit, function management, adaptation settings (ribbon, floating menu) and the main plugin settings

Auto-update module - responsible for updating and manually installing all plugin components


Here is a partial list of the most popular functions included in the ModPlus plugin:

>> Functions for Revit (plugins):

PAID: Sheet copy - The function allows you to make copies of the specified sheets with different settings. 

FREE: Rebar solid and visible - Change the state of the visibility of the rebar (view unobscured and view as solid). 

FREE: CAD manager - Manage all imports of dwg files in the current document.

FREE: External dimensions on a plan - The function allows you to put in one click the external dimensions on the floor plan.

PAID: Dimensions by line - Placing dimensions along the specified line. 

PAID: Dim offset - Automatic movement of the dimension value that falls on the dimension lines.

PAID: Import from Excel - Function allows you to insert a table from Excel into a Revit drafting view.

PAID: Internal dimensions on a plan - Internal dimensions on the floor plan.

FREE: Associate nested family parameters - Function allows you to simplify the work of establishing an associating between the parameters of nested families with the parameters of the parent family.

HIT! PAID: Walls reinforcement - Analysis, grouping and reinforcement according to given conditions of walls and openings.

FREE: Order marking - Adding numbering to the mark of elements with the possibility of marking in the schedules.


>> Functions for AutoCAD (plugins):

HIT! PAID: Copy with numbering - Copies the selected text or block with an attribute containing a numeric value, changing the value to a specified numerical step

PAID: Auto layers - Function is used to automatically add a layer to the created objects (dimensions, text, multileader, hatch, tables, viewports)

FREE: Tables - Function of inserting AutoCAD tables into the drawing according to GOST/DSTU/STB or from the specified file

PAID: Standards - Function allows you to create, store and add layer sets, text styles, dimensional styles, and multileader styles

FREE: Polylines - Collection of various functions for working with polylines

PAID: Multicopy - Multiple copies of selected primitives with a certain step

HIT! FREE: Layout manager - Drawing layout manager displayed in the palette

HIT! PAID: Select similar - Functions allow you to select objects that are similar to sample objects from all objects in the drawing, or from a specific set

FREE: Block replace - The function allows quick replacement of blocks in the drawing with a sample block

FREE: Dwg base - Base of various blocks and drawings

PAID: Product insert - The function of inserting products from the ModPlus database as blocks containing extended data

FREE: ModPlus ESKD - A collection of functions that creates intellectual objects (custom entities) for drawing up drawings according to the rules of ESKD


The list of functions is constantly updated and you do not even need to reinstall ModPlus - the automatic update module installs new functions for you!


Note: The regulatory documents of some plugins for AutoCAD contains documents for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. Data of regulatory documents of other countries are added upon request.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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  • Много функций
    Christina Grinchuk | września 16, 2019 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Много полезного (например, исправление дубликатов семейств). Крутой плагин армирования.

  • Отлично!
    Константин Коппе | września 04, 2019

    Отличный плагин. Рекомендую!

  • Walls reinforcement
    Алексей Бабинов | września 04, 2019

    Wall reinforcement is awesome!

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