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"ID STAMPER" is a powerful tool designed for architects, engineers, and designers who need efficient management of element IDs in their projects.


This app allows users to effortlessly store the ID data of any element directly into a Shared Parameter named "ID Stamp". By integrating this parameter into your project workflow, you can enhance the organization and accessibility of crucial element identification information.


Key Features:

  • ID Data Storage: Easily capture and store the unique IDs of project elements.
  • Shared Parameter Integration: Automatically assigns the ID data to a Shared Parameter named "ID Stamp".
  • Schedule Enhancement: Enables inclusion of the "ID Stamp" parameter in schedules, improving data output and project documentation.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls ensure seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Time-Saving: Streamlines the process of managing and referencing element IDs.


Whether you're working on architectural designs, engineering projects, or other complex structures, "ID STAMPER" empowers you to maintain accurate and organized ID data throughout your project lifecycle. By leveraging this app, users can achieve greater efficiency in data management and enhance overall project clarity and communication.


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Wersja 4.0.0, 20.06.2024
Multilanguage Support: now 14 languages are available.

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