Spare Amps Utility

Spare Amps Utility

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Spare Amps Utility is an Autodesk® Revit® MEP addin that allows the user to change the load value of all spare circuits associated with an electrical panel, all at the same time. Choose which panel schedules you wish to update and change the spare amps rating to whatever numeric value you desire. 


Spare Amps Utility gives the user control over their panel schedules which can take a needless amount of time to update all the spare circuit trip rating. This tool is particularly useful for large projects where the number of circuits associated with each panel can exceed 200. Easily add all the panel schedules that you wish to update to the selected panels box and then one click will change the spares circuits rating all at once. 


This utility allows the user to update the schedule on the fly while keeping the Spare Amps Utility dialog open. This increases the speed at which changes can be made and allows the user to most effectively get work done.

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