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"We usually receive tons of inputs from our design team as highlighted drawings, and then manually update the model to capture these inputs."

Does your team also rely on markups to communicate design inputs?

CoralBrush is an easy to use tool that gives you the ability to intelligently interact with your Autodesk® Revit® models using markups and color highlights.

By associating a color in your scanned drawing to a parameter value, you can quickly and accurately capture any design inputs in your model.

Sample workflows:


  • You submit your floor plans to the Fire and Life Safety consultant, who highlights either on print or PDF where they need fire and smoke rating. Red for 120 minutes rated walls, blue for 60 minutes, and purple for smoke rating. Using CoralBrush, associate those colors with the parameter values and update the model automatically.


  • You had a workshop with the Interior Designer, and out of the workshop you got a set of scanned drawings highlighting which rooms will have which set of interior finishes. Using CoralBrush, update the Room parameters with finishes and generate Finishes Schedules.


  • The Structural Engineer provided you with a markup indicating reinforcement requirements. Using CoralBrush, update the Columns and Walls with the appropriate reinforcement.
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Wersja 1.0, 2019-05-13
- Support for Elements' text-based parameters. - Create and purge view filters.

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