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MEP Space Namer is a utility that allows the user to automatically change the space name, numbers, or both to their counterpart in the linked architectural model. The utility includes 5 options to allow the user to specifically pinpoint the areas and parameters that they wish to change.


Options included in latest release:

  • Select project Phase
  • Select project Level
  • Change Space Name
  • Change Space Number
  • Allow duplicates


One of the issues with the current space naming utility available is that it automatically adds a number to the end of space names and numbers if another instance of that number is already present in another space name or number within in the model. Whereas it is sometimes beneficial to add the number to these duplicate rooms, this can also cause additional work to be required when the user wishes to allow room name and numbers to be duplicates. This utility provides a solution to that problem by making both options available. 


Further, this utility also allows the user to specify which Phase and Level of the model they wish to update. This comes into play in the instance when multiple arch models are linked into the same MEP model. The BIM manager can specify a phase for that arch file to be referenced and then the user can change ONLY the names and numbers of the spaces in that particular phase. This reduces the chances for error when prior phases have already been designed and formatted. Specifying the phase ensures that only the desired space name and numbers are updated.

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Wersja 1.0.0, 2016-12-23
Initial Release

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  • Why isn't this simple fix already part of revit?
    Scott Oestriecher | lutego 16, 2018 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Thanks for this. If you've set up enough jobs you have ran across this issue, and it's a pain to change them all. This works flawlessly.

  • Works Great!
    John Mcdermott | grudnia 29, 2016 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Always a fan of good intentions and this little app shows the author's skill and generosity. Thanks Bill for a great little app.

  • about time....
    John Samsonite | lipca 22, 2016

    this has saved me HOURS of time changing all the space names/numbers. i really dont know how this wasnt a thing already

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