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Smart Connections 2020


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Smart Connections tool for Revit instantly adds face-based intelligent details exactly where needed in Revit models. Details adapt to host-element parameters, so you can set up rules to insert or adjust details. Effective, automated LOD 400 modeling.

Auto-distribute and manage intelligent details — such as fasteners, lifting bolts/eyes, anchors, plates, grout tubes, connection elements...whatever smart elements you have! — by loading families into a project, defining rules, and then – BAM! – insert hundreds of elements into the project right where they should bee. Make cuts and reveals on top, bottom, and side surfaces of multiple elements at the same time instead of one by one. And if you make changes, they'll adjust as needed all on their own.

We recommend using Smart Connections in conjunction with Smart Assemblies Revit addon for generating shop drawings with corresponding views and dimensions.


By downloading the Smart Connections App, you will also receive our TOOLS4BIM Dock. The Dock gives you the option to install additional Revit add-ons developed by AGACAD. These other Revit extensions cover a range of industries, including Metal Framing, Wood Framing, Precast Concrete design, MEP design, Revit library and BIM content management, and more.

Activation codes are sent automatically by email for trials and purchases of Tools 4 Revit add-ons. Codes are sent manually by email for purchases of BIM Solutions.

Note: This app uses a custom installer (not the standard App Store installer).

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