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Codemill DataManager

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The plugin includes our Data Management and Reporter modules running an Autodesk® Revit® graphical user interface built around a common SQL database that can be easily integrated with other database applications.


The plugin provides the means to manage an entire project containing information and documentation into a single manageable resource that can be handed over or transferred between project stakeholders throughout the design, construction, management and lifecycle phases.


Running Revit with Codemill DataManager and Reporter provides the functionality to search, link, tag, color code and report on information stored in Revit models and linked external databases, as well as the ability to add new construction and maintenance data captured on-site.


Codemill DataManager for Revit is a tool for builders, planners, and subcontractors. Information collected in Codemill DataManager helps define a comprehensive digital model that can be handed over to the project’s owner/operators as a deliverable, thereby allowing our customers to offer extra value to their clients and help them win more business.


Prerequisite: The SQLite database driver (dcsqlitefree.exe) to be installed before installing the application.


Download the driver and sample files:

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The app will work for 15 days trial period from the installation date.

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Versão 1.7.0, 07/12/2022
Added support for Revit 2022 and 2023 versions

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