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With Shapespark you can create realistic, web-based walkthroughs from your Autodesk® Revit® models that can be easily shared via links and opened directly in desktop or mobile web browsers. 


Main features:

  • Full movement freedom. Allow your clients to enter a space and freely walk around to examine every corner and detail. Make them feel as if they are there. Unlike 360 panoramas, the presentation is not limited to a few selected viewpoints and there is no distortion in the corners of the screen.

  • Integrated light-map baking engine with automatic UV unwrapping. Lightmaps allow for realistic lighting without a need for a powerful computer during the presentation, so the result can be viewed even on mobile devices or laptops with integrated GPUs. To speed up the baking process you can use CUDA enabled graphics card or multiple CPUs.

  • No programming knowledge is necessary. Unlike game engines, Shapespark is dedicated to designers and 3D artists so does not require any programming knowledge to create real-time visualizations.

  • Virtual reality support. Shapespark uses WebXR, so the visualizations can be viewed not only on flat screens but also in VR with desktop (Oculus, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality) or standalone headsets (Oculus Quest, Google Cardboard).

  • Interactive features. You can place material pickers in your model, to allow the user to change materials. You can also place clickable elements in the model to show additional information to the user. You can use video textures and add music to the presentation.

  • The visualization can be branded with your own logo or URL address.

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Versão Shapespark 1.17.2, 21/09/2020
Convert Revit light color temperature to Shapespark light color. Convert Revit light intensity to Shapespark light strength. For now the conversion supports only spherical & spot light distributions. Fix exporting rotation for Revit lights with photometric (IES) distribution. Improve accuracy of metallic and roughness properties conversion. Full list of changes:

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