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This app provides startup utilities for Autodesk® Revit®: Local file maker, previous version alert, icons to display your company’s help file and splash view and place the Central File name on prints. 


What you can expect from the Egan Project Startup application:


Local File Maker

Presents the user with a list of recently used central files, and allows them to make a new local file just by clicking. At this time, does not work with Revit Server files.


Previous Version Filter

If the user selects a file that was last saved in a previous version, the app will display an alert giving the user the option of continuing or canceling the file open. The alert may be suppressed for batch upgrading, if desired.


Icon to display your own Custom Help

If your company has developed its own help document and you are looking for a way to make it conveniently available to all users, here is your app. The app provides a customizable icon on the ribbon and/or a keyboard shortcut.


Icon to display your Splash View

If your company policy is to synchronize with central from a specific view, here is just the tool you need. The app provides an icon on the ribbon and/or a keyboard shortcut.


Start Worksharing Monitor on Project Startup

If your company policy is to use the worksharing monitor, but maybe not everyone remembers to start it, this is for you.


Update Central Filename on Prints

Really, what good is the local file name on prints? You want to know the central file location, and now you can. Use the shared parameter provided our assign your own. 


Automatically Swap View Template When View Type Is Changed

If a View Type has a “View Templates applied to new views” setting, and “New views are dependent on template” is checked, the app will automatically apply the correct view template whenever a view’s View Type is changed.


Change cut and surface line weight for difficult-to change categories

Can’t get Revit to print certain line weights just the way you want them? Use this setting to adjust cut and surface pattern line weights for Ceilings, Floors, Roofs and Walls.

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Версия 2023.0.1.10094, 18.05.2022
Updated for Revit 2023.

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