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The tool helps to increase the following-

1.The "AddParameter" function   gives access to additional parameters of Autodesk® Revit® elements such as -

IfcVolume - Single parameter for volume of all elements including stairs.This makes it possible to get the stair volume in the assemble also.

IfcLevel - Level data stored in the same parameter for all elements. This lets you sort and filter in multicategory schedules and, create viewfilters in links.


2. The "Join Geometry" function allows you to join intersection elements together in Revit.


3.The "Transfer Parameters" function allows you to copy paste text parameter values from one parameter to another.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 1.0.02, 17.08.2023
Compatible with Revit 2024

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  • Awesome
    Muralidharan S | января 18, 2023 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Very useful tool .thanks a lot


  • Very Helpful apps
    Monoj Das | января 13, 2022 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    BY using this app, we can easily able to transfer Parameter , Join Geometry & Add Staircase Volume .