Engipedia Structural Layers

Engipedia Structural Layers

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Easily extract concrete structures from your Revit Walls and Floors, and utilize them as a structural model or reference for formwork plans in your architectural model.


The Engipedia Structural Layers application is an Autodesk® Revit® Add-in designed to extract structural layers from layered structures in Revit, including Walls, Floors, and Structural Foundation Slabs.

Its unique workflow allows users to extract the structure from the Revit model, which can be then used as a structural model or as a reference for formwork plans in the architectural model.


The add-in works in several stages:


  1. The application analyzes the current types of Walls and Floors in the model, and types that are not considered structural are shown with a green background.
  2. Types with only one structural layer in the core are presented with a blue background.
  3. Types that have a structural layer in the core but also have other layers are shown with a white background, and these types can be "peeled" of layers.
  4. Users can select the types from which the structure will be extracted.
  5. Once the tool is running, the end result will be a model with only the structural layer in the Walls and Floors category.
  6. The tool will only select the types which have one structural layer in the core. The structural layer is the one that has the "Structural Material" checkbox checked.
  7. Types with a structural layer will be shown in the table on the right, and all the types will be selected by default in the "Selected" column.
  8. Users can select a type in any of the tables to see their layer composition in the table on the bottom.
  9. The bottom table also has a feature to set the core layer as a structural material and apply it to the type without leaving the tool. Changed types will automatically appear in the table on the right.
  10. Selecting the types in the right table and running the "Change Selected Type(s)" command will change selected types so that they will end with only one (structural) layer. The tool will also impact instances of each type in a way that the structural layer will stay in the same place as it was when it had other layers in the type.


The end result will be a model with only structural layers. 



It's important to note that this will change the model drastically. To avoid loss of work or unwanted results, the preferred workflow is to save your model as a new model with a different name, run Engipedia Structural Layers to extract structural layers from walls and floors, save the model, and continue working on this structural model or link it into your original model.


Other features

Other features of the tool include the automatic setting of every instance as "Structural" (which can be switched off in Settings), and the ability to change types with 0 instances (change setting to show types with 0 instances). Users can also use the "Update Structural Checkboxes" function to update any Walls/Floors instances with structural material to have the Structural instance parameter checked (which can be used later for filtering).


Overall, the Engipedia Structural Layers add-in provides a useful workflow for extracting structural layers from Revit walls, floors, and foundation slabs, and can help users create accurate structural models or reference models for formwork plans.

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Версия, 01.11.2023
This app release supports Revit 2019 - Revit 2024 versions. Minor UI improvements.

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