id:legend / doors & windows Schedule

id:legend / doors & windows Schedule

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This Autodesk® Revit® add-in generates a legend for each of the doors and windows that exist in the project automatically, which can be used to make doors and windows schedule plans. The generated legends contain elevation, floor plan, dimensions, quantity, system parameters with the user's identity data, and project shared parameters. More information


Main features:

  • Eliminate the tedious manual process.
  • Maintains consistency between the legend name and the door or window.
  • Automatic dimensioning both in view and in the plan.
  • Option to include the floor plan of the window or door.
  • The automatic number of instances that exist in the project.
  • Possibility of selecting which parameters are included in the upper and lower tag.
  • Fast and reliable results.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce documentation costs.
  • Simplify and speed up your workflow.
  • 6 predefined Upper Tag types and the possibility of generating custom tags.
  • 2 predefined Lower Tag types.
  • Legends ready to include in a doors and windows schedule plan.

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Версия 2.1.1, 29.08.2023
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  • Sign in Autodesk account problem
    giao tran | декабря 28, 2023 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    How can I use this plugin without sign in Autodesk account in Revit

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | января 24, 2024

    Hi giao tran, In order to use the plugin you must log in to an Autodesk account in Revit. Regards.

  • Family type schedule
    Miguel Medeiros | октября 10, 2023

    When will you have a plugin that creates a Schedule for any kind of family types?


    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | октября 11, 2023

    Hi Miguel, Thank you for your suggestions, we are working on an update with new features. There will be news soon. Regards.

  • works great
    Draf Sugas | июля 04, 2023

    I've tried the app. I'm interested, but I can't use paypal. Do you have any other payment methods?

  • Working tool, but not functional enough
    Aleksei Sljusarev | апреля 12, 2023 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    The tool is working fine, but it is very annoying to choose parameters and appearance every time. It could have some preset.
    Also having problems with custom parameters. I have some width and height parameters which are recalculated in family. and 2.0.5 release returnes values in imperial units.

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | апреля 12, 2023

    Hi Aleksei, We have corrected the error with the types of units in Revit 2024 and in a few days the update will be available. We are working to be able to save the configurations and not have to set them every time the plugin is used. Thank you

  • Quantities error
    Samuel Rocha | апреля 17, 2022

    Eu queria comprá-lo, mas baixei o trial e gerei as legendas... e gera erros quantitativos (sempre quantifica menos que o real) não sei porque.

  • semi-good tool, with potential.
    Jakob Kappel Blegvad | февраля 11, 2022 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)


    semi-good tool, with potential.

    Good price

    Mssing tools like; template, more parameter obtions, like add shared parameter.

    Plus im having trouble, that ID.legend does not make legends of all window ??

    Alari Jürgenson | февраля 18, 2024

    Hi, I have same problem with doors...

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | февраля 19, 2024

    Hi, for the plugin to be able to generate the legends the Width and Height parameters of the doors or windows have to be type parameters. If they are instance parameters, there may be different values in the same type of window and the plugin could not generate their legends because it groups them by type.

  • Scale
    Fidel Oliver | января 13, 2022


    I was testing the App and I need to do the details in 1:20 metric scale. But the lower captions do not allow editing or customization to increase their size. Can they work on a solution? or add a scale button?

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | января 19, 2022

    Hi Fidel, thank you for your interest in our App. We are working on an update with new features and will consider adding other scales when generating legends. Regards.

  • Can't purchase
    Jorge Castrp | октября 09, 2021

    I'm trying to buy the app but I can't do it, apparently there are problems doing it through this platform in my country (Argentina).

    Is there any other way I can buy it?

  • leyenda en ingles
    Jorge Zavala | октября 07, 2021 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    hola descargue el generador, en sus imagenes vienen en ingles y español, quiero que me de leyendas en español y me las da en ingles.

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | октября 07, 2021

    Hola Jorge, Gracias por haber comprado nuestra app. El plugin se adapta al lenguaje en el que usted tiene configurado Revit, si este está en español las leyendas se generan en español. Por favor déjeme saber si pudo solucionar el problema. Saludos.

  • Great progress!
    Cameron Hughes | сентября 02, 2021 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    This update us a huge improvement.  The ability to control what parameters were displayed in the tags makes this tool extremely usedful.  Very happy with the update!


    Edit: Hopefully a 2023 update is coming soon?

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | апреля 19, 2022

    The 2023 update is under review and will be available soon.

  • Very helpfull tool
    Myles Martin | августа 16, 2021 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Legends are not very intellegent, this custom builds your legends and allows you to update them... Feature request, save settings so I dont have to customize them everytime I use the command... Thanks!

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | августа 17, 2021

    Hi Myles, Thank you for purchasing our app. We are working on an update of the plugin and will consider your request. Regards.

  • Valores
    Diogo Carneiro | декабря 23, 2020

    Boa noite, sobre o valor de USD 10,00. Ele referente ao ano, mês ou semana?

    Diego Agusti (Разработчик) | декабря 29, 2020

    Buen día, el valor de USD 10 corresponde por la licencia definitiva. No tiene limitación de tiempo. Muchas gracias por su consulta.