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Selection Plus is a handy tool that is used to select any element in the model where the values of their parameters have the same data as values of some selected parameters in the base picked element.

Autodesk® Revit® provides a command to select all instances of any type in view or in a project, but Selection Plus gives you more, Selection Plus helps you to select all elements in the project or view based on the values of any parameters as you desire in the base selected element, even if they don't have the same category or family type.

For example, if you select a door as a base element and this door has a shared parameter named Material, and this parameter is also attached to Walls and Railing and the value of this parameter in some doors, walls, and railing is wood, if you choose this parameter as a selection filter, Selection Plus will select all doors, walls, and railings that its material parameter value is Wood in the whole project.

If users choose Material & Type parameters, Selection Plus will get them all doors that have wood as the material and have the same type of base selected door.

Users can choose any of the available parameters whether it is an instance or type parameter as they need to get the exact selection users want for the job they are doing. 

Users also can force Selection Plus to add to the selection the matched elements within any group or exclude them. This is helpful in editing elements' values outside groups since selecting all instances of type select elements outside groups and in groups as well, so parameters become read-only in this case. Selection Plus helps users to avoid this problem.

Users can also select the matched elements that do not have type families like Rooms or lines.


Free 30-Day trial:

The app is free for the 30-day trial, during which the user can purchase the app from the store via the PayPal payment method & click on the “License request” button available on the Selection Plus app window & fill in the details & submit, you will receive the valid license in 4 working days. so the user can purchase the app & request the license on or before the 26th day of the trial period to avoid the interruption to use the app post-30-day trial.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 2.0.1, 30.08.2023
-In this version, the user can select one element and choose some parameters with certain values. Selection Plus will select all elements in the model whose parameter values match or have the same parameters and values of the chosen parameter values of the base selected element. This version is an update to let the app work on Revit 2022, 2023 & 2024

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  • Nice
    Ramzi Elboughdiri | мая 13, 2021

     nice and handy tool ;)

    Solved Plus (Разработчик) | мая 14, 2021

    thanks for your nice & valuable comment due to that you are the first to comment, then you win a free license for this app please send me the request to get your license copy thanks