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The Point Cloud Importer is a revolutionary Autodesk® Revit® plugin that aims to simplify the process of importing Point Cloud files into Revit, eliminating the need for a cumbersome and time-consuming multi-step conversion process between different software tools. The Point Cloud Importer's vision is to provide an end-to-end solution directly within the Revit interface, enabling seamless integration and enhancing efficiency for architects, engineers, and designers in handling highly accurate 3D representations of real-world environments. With this plugin, users can expect improved workflow, reduced complexities, and enhanced collaboration, making point cloud handling more efficient and precise than ever before.


The plugin supports a wide range of input point cloud file formats like E57, PLY, LAS, LAZ, TXT, PTS, XYZ & PLY making it versatile and compatible with various sources. This plugin expands the possibilities and enables users to work with various file formats seamlessly.


The Point Cloud Importer for Revit Plugin offers expanded file format support, simplifies importing, and enhances collaboration, streamlining your Point Cloud experience. Boost productivity and efficiency within Revit with this seamless end-to-end solution. 

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Версия 1.0.0, 20.12.2023
Initial release

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