Light Distribution 2020

Light Distribution 2020



- Distribute Lighting fixtures and devices (including communication devices)  in rooms in Rows and Columns and automatically align the distribution to room orientation/rotation

by selecting Room/Space

or by pre-input 3 consecutive Points (3 Corners of Room) :

  •  Base-point is the first corner of the Rectangular Array (Room).
  •  Second-Point allows you to get the x-axis and the y-axis and the distance between each item.
  •  Third-Point is the second corner of the Rectangular Array (Room).


What's New:

-Completely redesigned and enhanced Room/Space analysis in the "auto distribution" option

-Auto Detection of the Room Ceiling and adjusting the element Host/elevation in the "auto distribution" option



- It's recommended to use the manual 3 Point method with Rooms with special shapes and geometry (circle, ellipse, etc..)

- Useful in the distribution of Lighting, Sensors and communication devices

The 2 methods of distribution are

  1.  X and 2 X spacing: the distance between the elements and each other is double the distance between the elements and the borders
  2. Equidistant spacing: the distance between the elements and each other is equal to the distance between the elements and the borders


The selected element will be copied to an array therefore the result array elements will have the same Level & other instance parameters of the original element. The Add-in will copy the element in the Horizontal plan only


License info:

- A Pay-Once open license

- Unlimited number of machines for companies

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 2.0.1, 13.09.2021
- Performance enhancement and bug fixes - Provided Support for the Autodesk® Revit® Version 2021

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