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Get a 3D model of your Autodesk® Revit® project in the glTF format as it appears in a 3D view in one click.

You can also make use of the included API to automate exporting or upgrade your own plugins to have glTF support.


Addin gives you options to:

  • Bake meshes by element or by material,
  • Select the level of details for geometry,
  • Export materials or not,
  • Export lights,
  • Choose format between gltf and packed glb,
  • Compress meshes using Draco compression,
  • Export your model with multiple LODs merged in a single file

Access even more settings with API:

  • Set ignored categories,
  • Index/not index geometry,
  • Skip normals for smaller file size,
  • Export materials or colors only,
  • Select textures size level,
  • Split binaries by linked projects,
  • Specify custom method to write element metadata into glTF extras


Fast export, tiny size, excellent visual assets support and precise geometry handling lets you exhibit any Revit model in the most beautiful way in a growing number of applications that support glTF 3D format.


Output files include textures for materials, glTF version 2.0 JSON, and binary files.


Add-in developers for Revit who have ever needed to get projects in the easily consumable and beautifully looking 3D format now have reliable means to do so.

It will take you only a few lines of code to get things done! (see screenshots or Help section for getting started).


Reach us if any questions at

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 2023.7.4.12, 02.09.2023
- remove RevitAPIUI.dll from API references - allow any serializable object as "extras" - adjust `IgnoredCategories` API property documentation

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  • Best Exporter
    Akular Development | июля 31, 2023

    It ensures seamless and efficient GlTF exports, simplifying the workflow significantly in supreme quality. Its functionality, versatility, and ease-of-use make it an essential tool for anybody who wants to get models to web friendly format. 

  • Solution to All
    Andrea Catullo | июля 04, 2023 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Took some time to set up, but the API has clear documentation, exported glTF is nearly perfect and the whole thing saved me tones of time on my project! Thanks the team for wonderful job.