This application for Autodesk® Revit® 2015 or later makes it easier and faster to change filters and view templates in an entire project. The order of the filters in a view is very important. With this app, you don't have to manually move filters up or down in every view. You can easily reorganize filters in every view/view template in the entire project to keep them consistently organized throughout the project.




  • Copy:

    - filters only, without overrides

    - filters and their overrides

    - overrides only

  • Purge unused filters

  • Delete filters:

                > in a project

                > in all views and view templates

  • Copy view filter overrides between filters within the same view/view template

  • Choose which override(s) will be copied

  • Choose if view filters and their overrides that are not present in destination view should be copied or not, this option prevents adding new filters to a view if you are only interested in copying overrides of existing filters. You do not have to know if a given filter exists in a destination view or not

  • Automatically preserve the position of filters after they are copied. This feature that saves a lot of time and eliminates user errors

  • Automatically reposition copied view filters in views/view templates (multiple options available, including alphabetizing filters)

  • Temporarily reposition view filters before they are copied (Move Up, Move Down, Save/Import). The feature is helpful when filters in a destination view should be positioned differently than in a source view and you don't want to alter the actual position of filters in a source view's Visibility/Graphics, even temporarily

  • Save a list of view filters in a particular order for further use (see: Import)

  • Import a list of view filters to copy (e.g. if you want to copy overrides of the same set of filters in a particular order over and over)

  • Find categories that view filters are not assigned to, the report will be saved to a file

  • Easily review filters, their categories, views, and view templates these filters are assigned to in one window

  • Export filters' data to a file that can be opened in Excel

  • "Empty rules" - find filters without any rules applied to them. It shows and saves a list of filters together with names of Views and View Templates that these filters are applied to

  • Find filters with the same set of categories and rules (duplicates)

Project Parameters:

  • Find categories that project parameters are not assigned to, the report will be saved to a file 

Views, View Templates:

  • Delete views and view templates


  • Delete/Transfer selected elements between multiple projects:

                - filters

                - view templates

Other features:

  • Limit the number of views displayed in a list by view type (plan, section, elevation, etc.)

  • Check All / Check None / Collapse All / Expand All buttons

  • Checked items in a list of filters/project parameters are remembered within a session when switching between filters and project parameters

  • Count of items / checked items for views/view templates/view filters/project parameters are displayed

  • To give visual feedback on what sorting method is currently used in a list of view filters, the yellow frame is displayed around a list when alphabetical (default) or custom sorting is used. Additionally, the text is Italic. This frame is not displayed when sorting by Visibility/Graphics Filters tab of a view/view template is used

  • Dialogs are resizable

  • Count of views in a project, separate for each view type

  • Filters applied to any of views or view templates are marked with a green background


View Filter Manager ML extends the capabilities of View Filter Manager. It makes the process of managing project standards more fluent thanks to modeless dialogs: it is possible to interact with the Revit interface while dialogs of the app are displayed. Enhanced user interface saves screen estate. Toolset for transferring filters and view templates to multiple projects at a time has new options (New Only, Copy, Replace, Overwrite) saving time necessary to align project standards. Filters and view templates of the same names may keep their names or be renamed.




• Apply Filters' Rules to Schedule rules

• Delete:

- selected filters in selected views and view templates

- all filters in selected views and view templates

• Apply Overrides to Common Filters

• Purge Unused View Templates

• Assign / Replace View Templates for views

• Remove View Templates from views

• List View Templates of Views next to Destination Views in UI. Such Views are marked with a green background

• Transfer selected fill patterns, line patterns, renaming (adding, removing prefix)

• Search function for Destination Views. 

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 1.1.7117, 13.12.2021
Added support for: -Revit 2022 -Enable Filter override

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  • Great Add-In
    S Aarts | января 13, 2017 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    The money double worth.

  • Need to Improove this app
    Danil Poletavkin | октября 19, 2016 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Application with good potential, but need to improove it, many obvious features are absent. For example, Deleting filters in only several views not in all views could be added

  • Life saver!
    Maciej Wypych | сентября 16, 2016 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Saves lots of time with filter management.

  • Great Add-In
    James Middleton | августа 14, 2016

    What used to take over half an hour to strip out the views and filters manually now only takes minutes with a step by step guide. Its very easy to use and a stable Add-In that works very well

  • Great Add-In
    Eric Koehne | августа 08, 2016 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Adds total parametric control and flexibility to View Filters! Nice "Step by Step" interface

    Mike Ramos | июня 21, 2022

    your review was the thing that made me buy this add-in. So I'd be VERY interested to hear how you are able to achieve this. there's nothing telling me how to parametrically control the View Filters.