Sewer - Sewage and Rainwater Drainage System

Sewer - Sewage and Rainwater Drainage System

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This automatic design solution uses a generic piping system to convert it into either sewage or rainwater gravitational sewer system using the desired slope, self-cleansing velocity, and restricted maximum level in pipes. The depths of the newly generated system are coordinated with the topography (if there is one). At the same time, at the user's request, it can automatically insert manholes (SRwD Manhole family) at junctions, direction changes, and predefined distances.

The smart drainage supports all metric and imperial unit systems provided by Autodesk® Revit® and is fully customizable allowing users to add a custom database for all new types of pipes and custom formulas. The formulas use fixture units (WFU) as a tool to calculate the sewage or rainwater flow on all system sections. Each section from the newly designed network will have parameters indicating the real flow and speed based on previously defined sizes. The smart drainage will facilitate the ease of updating and managing the system to cope with demands and to identify deficiencies in the network for improvement thus drastically reducing the required design time, eliminating errors, and using the already existing information in the Revit model.

Note: Although every effort has been made to generate an accurate result, its accuracy is not guaranteed. The user of this software should have an understanding of the rainwater or sewage gravitational sizing. The use of this program should not replace the evaluation and judgment of a professional engineer in this field.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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