Door Factory Preview 2022

Door Factory Preview 2022

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Create any hinge or double hinge door you want in seconds, without going into the family editor.

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The Preview Version has no expiry date but has limited functionality:  

Preview creates standard and curtain panel single and double Hinge doors for free. 

Premium creates standard and curtain panel single and double Hinge doors,  Bi-fold doors (14 different configurations), Surface, Pocket and Contained Sliding doors (15 different configurations), Garage doors, Hatches, Stacking doors and even Interconnecting doors (i.e. for interconnecting hotel rooms).  

Both Preview and Premium versions allow you to create and add your own panels and handles.  

Premium allows you to add custom trim profiles and User components (Sills, Pelmets, Decorative moldings, overpanels, etc.) and you can create your own. 


Summary of Premium Version features: 

Save time by creating doors as and when you need them, allowing you to stay focused on your design.


Create any kind of door as a standard door or a curtain panel door.


Create a huge variety of doors.


Add your own panels, handles, trim profiles and other components, giving you unlimited combinations.


Achieve consistency for all the doors in your project by re-using common components.


Open and close doors in 3d to suit your walkthroughs and/or renders.


Add accessibility clearance diagrams.


Edit and save default values and settings for all doors including jamb, panel & trim dimensions, handle offsets and tolerances.


Elevation Swing indicator points to hinge or to handle to suit international graphic standards.


All Doors have built-in Wall Alignment parameters that allow you to position the door within the wall. Align the Jamb (and or Panel were relevant) to the center of the wall, exterior face or interior face. You can also create + or – offsets from these alignments.


Doors have an appropriate level of detail allowing for fast manipulation of doors and a manageable parameter list.


Consistent and Logical naming of all parameters in all doors created.


Consistent shared parameters allowing them to be scheduled together easily and logically, including standard and curtain panel doors.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Описание пробной версии

The Preview Version has no expiry date but has limited functionality.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 22.0.4, 05.05.2022
22.0.4 Handle and trim dimensional parameters now editable within the final door Build speed increased 22.0.3 Curtain panel single hinge door with stop jamb now more robust x5 Composite commercial doors added to Parkwood panel library 22.0.2 Parkwood panel library more robust 22.0.1 When making multiple doors, panel specific parameters have been corrected “Glass Framed with Rail” panel specific dimensions fixed 22.0.0 Initial Release

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