Export multiple sheets to one DWG file

Export multiple sheets to one DWG file

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At present, when exporting from Autodesk® Revit® to DWG, each sheet is exported as a separate file, therefore, if you want one single DWG with all drawings and sheets, it has to be combined manually or by importing each layout in CAD. This Add-in will make your work easier to export with the help of these two tools:

1. Sheet to 1 DWG tool: Export multiple sheets (using your sheets set) to one DWG file, with all drawings in the model tab and sheets in the layout tab. You can also use your export settings or default settings Revit.

2. Views to sheet tool: Place multiple views (using your view set) into one sheet, then you can export the sheet to the DWG file.

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Версия 2.1.0, 07.01.2022
Fix the width of Sheet Name not matching after export

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  • Works great!
    Jeffrey Prashaw | января 18, 2022 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Just one question:

    Can multpile Revit Sheets be exported to multiple AutoCAD Layouts?  The problem we are having is all the sheets are going to just one layout.

    Manh Nguyen (Разработчик) | января 19, 2022

    I'm sorry. It cannot export multiple sheets to multiple layouts in 1 DWG file. I hope Revit will support this functionality in the future.

    Brian Tran | декабря 20, 2021


    Manh Nguyen (Разработчик) | января 10, 2022

    THANK YOU <3

  • Very good but somewhat insufficient
    lionel miles | ноября 09, 2021 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    It is the best CAD merge plug-in at present, but it has some shortcomings, such as the wrong format of the drawing name position, the missing index number, and the text will be slightly misplaced. If these problems can be solved, it will be perfect. These problems prevent me from proceeding to the next step. , I look forward to your solution.

    Manh Nguyen (Разработчик) | ноября 22, 2021

    Thank you for your comment. Please wait for a new version, the problem will be solved.

  • Great
    Pham Khai | сентября 03, 2021

    good app

    Manh Nguyen (Разработчик) | сентября 07, 2021


  • Good APP
    Nguyen Trung | августа 30, 2021

    thanks you

    Manh Nguyen (Разработчик) | сентября 07, 2021

    Welcome :)

    vitoria almeida | августа 19, 2021

    Sempre foi um problema não ter como manter todas as folhas do revit em um só arquivo dwg

    Manh Nguyen (Разработчик) | августа 23, 2021