Automatic Adding of Paint Material

Automatic Adding of Paint Material

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This tool will add the paint materials for the system families elements or in-place elements automatically.

such as: floors, ceilings, walls and roofs or in-place elements, adding paint material to the faces is a manual process and it takes very long time to select the faces and apply the paint material to it,

The tool will do this task automatically.

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Версия 1.2.0, 28.03.2022
Added Autodesk® Revit® 2022 Version support.

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  • Excellent App
    Tiago Bandeira | декабря 15, 2020 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    This app is amazing! I finally could set materials to conduits automatically!
    I needed to render some scenes of the projects where the electrical elements would be visiable and you cannot set materials to conduit revit families. I had different types of conduits, that's why I could not set only one material for all of them under the Material Management tab, and filter will not work for rendering.
    One way to solve my problem is with painting tool. But each conduit's segment has 04 faces. And there were more than 30.000 of them on the project. Multiplied by 4, it would take forever to do that manually.
    Congratulations! You guys saved hundreds of working hours here! Thank you very much!
    And it is really hard to find find anything about applying conduit material in an automatic way that really works, even in dynamo forums!