Tag Wrangler
月, 年, 30 天免费试用版


Tag Wrangler lets you select a target view to represent the correct tag placement locations. Set a correct view, then use it as the target for where tags in other views will end up. Change the hosted element types and locations to match the similarly tagged elements from the target view.


An x-ref file in Autodesk® AutoCAD® used to store the tags in the exact same location on every sheet. Now you can get that consistency back. Make your sheets look professional by keeping the tag locations exact sheet to sheet, no more jitter on your page flips, and no more overlap on your overlays. Just clean consistent tags throughout the whole set.


Note: The 30 day free trial does not expire. The only limitation of the trial version is working with a maximum of 10 tags at a time which is plenty for most drafting cases, but if you want to select everything, press a button and you will have a perfect sheet.


版本, 2024/3/15
Initial Release, support for R2023, R2024



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