Crosswalk by CSI


CSI standards, like OmniClass, are key to many design and construction processes. The Crosswalk Autodesk® Revit® add-in is an essential tool for architects, engineers, and contractors to access these standards, and translate between them. Save time, reduce errors, and improve your documentation. AEC industry professionals can now access these essential CSI standards directly within Revit workflows. Easily translate MasterFormat classified information into OmniClass and other uses.


With the Crosswalk add-in, you can:

  • Search MasterFormat, UniFormat, and OmniClass numbers and titles

  • Instantly translate classifications between CSI standards

  • Update classifications from older versions of MasterFormat (including 1995) to modern MasterFormat

  • Crosswalk from MasterFormat 2020 to MasterFormat 2018 version
  • Copy and paste classifications within your document


The Crosswalk add-in functions like a classifications Thesaurus; view all available classifications related to your search term to help identify the best solution for your specifications document. If you have a partial classification, the Crosswalk add-in helps pinpoint the right title and numbers to efficiently and accurately classify your documentation.


Crosswalk by CSI offers the users a 14-day trial period in which Users can use all the features available to search MasterFormat, Uniformat and OmniClass texts or numbers as well as crosswalk between them. After the trial period is over, the users will have to visit to purchase the API key which will allow them to continue using the features. 


版本, 2024/2/2
Updates to crosswalk for MasterFormat 2020.



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