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Luminaire Hub
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The App exports building elements in the current view from Autodesk® Revit® into the .stf File format for importing to DIALux 4® and Evo®.

Currently, supported model elements to be exported are:

-       Spaces

-       Windows (Curtain walling excluded)

-       Doors

-       Luminaires


The Elements are then written to the .stf file which can be imported into DIALux 4®, the add-in also exports a 3D DWG file to the same chosen location which can then be overlayed in DIALux®.


Luminaires are imported into DIALux® as placeholders which can then be swapped out for other luminaire photometric files for calculation.


Geometry can be imported into DIALux EVO® through the use of the .stf file but it doesn't support windows, doors or luminaires. 


Licenses are based on a single set tied to the user Autodesk account.


Product Road Map.


NOTE: Anyone purchasing the app will get access to the future releases including functionality to bring luminaires back into Revit!


Next release:

  • Import .STF files, map to luminaires within the project and place families
  • Assign references to the imported luminaires and choose the parameter for them to be written to


Future releases:

  • DWG file to import lumianires into Revit
  • Additional export element support for curtain wall glazing panels
  • Option to either export Rooms or Spaces 
  • Perform Calculations within Revit using the Lumen method
  • Space manager to define requirements


版本 2020.0.0, 2021/1/18
Initial version.



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