Tiny Tools


This is a collection of a few simple, yet very powerful, tools for Autodesk® Revit®. The tools are useful to draftsmen who want to shrink production time significantly. Each plugin from this collection has been created and polished to perfection in collaboration with many architecture studios. 


Align Views - Align Views on Sheets. Pick the desired Viewport to align to. Select Views to align.


Duplicate Views - Select Sheets from the Project Browser before executing this command. Note: only works if the Project Browser is docked to the Revit window.


Duplicate Sheets - Select Sheets from the Project Browser before executing this command. Note: only works if the Project Browser is docked to the Revit window.


Sheets from Views - Creates multiple Sheets from the currently selected Views and places them on the Sheets.


Bulk Rename - Rename Views or Sheets in Bulk. Select Views or Sheets from the Project Browser before executing this command.


版本 1.2.0, 2023/6/5
- Release for Revit 2024 - bugfix: Align Views now behaves as expected and aligns views correctly



20 评论
  • ja esta atualizado para usar no revit 2025?
    Werom Gordiano | 五月 08, 2024 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    ja esta atualizado para usar no  revit 2025?

  • Respect for align sheets floor plans
    Pavol Maslak | 十一月 28, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Really really good, i didnt expected taht will works, it works also when you crop it...

    Hmm, I have to add to my top list of plugins

    send link on your paypal that we can send you something
    Thanks 2019 revit

  • Sheets from views
    TAIS NASCIMENTO | 六月 10, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Very good plugin!!

    In future updates, the "Sheets from views" function could allow adding more than one view to the same sheet.

  • "Align Views" has beed fixed
    TRINH Trieu | 四月 24, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    The Align function has been updated already. Thank the developer a lot.

  • Straightforward & Works
    James Parker | 十月 24, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Simple UI, intuitive commands, and a time saver!  Thanks for creating and sharing!

    ahsanul kabir | 二月 17, 2023


    Jem Cicekdag | 十月 13, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    This simple interface makes such a tedious task which can take hours depending on job size, take 5 mins. Combine it with dynamo auto view creation from rooms.

  • Great App but...
    Mircea Vlad | 五月 12, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Still waiting for the updated version that works with Revit 2023. 

  • Amazing free tool!
    Andrew Eaton | 五月 01, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    By far the sleekest implementation of view rename, I've been seeking a tool like this for some time, and its free!

    Recommend to all

  • Good job
    David Chen | 三月 14, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Ii is really nice to have some kind of good tools in managing sheets and views. However, does anyone know how to do bulkrename the views in a numeric sequence please? Like I want the drawing names to be from 'Level 1-40 xxxx'. But these is only replace fuction, no way to do renumbering?

    David Kavai | 三月 28, 2022

    One of the DiRoots or DiRoots One add-in does the job, I think it is a ProSheets.

  • Align Views-An error in CHT version.
    Lu Chiming | 一月 12, 2022

    Hi, Thanks for the great tool! There is a small bug in the "Align Views", we cannot select target view after clicked the pick button. Please check this issue. Thanks a lot!

  • Very helpful
    Jiao Tran | 十月 07, 2021 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    This plugin save my time, thanks alot

    Gustavo Perry Arquitectos S.A.S | 九月 13, 2021 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Muy buen programa recomendado de los poco de duplican vistas y sheets como dependientes.

    Very good program, recommended, of the little duplicate views and sheets as dependent.

    Wojciech Zagozda | 九月 03, 2021 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    I would give 5 stars, if the program worked in other language version (for example German). PLZ make some update to be able to use it German Revits

  • Buen aporte
    Jar Ingenieria Jar Ingenieria | 六月 30, 2021 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    celente Xe

  • Great tool set!!
    Matheus Pereira de Almeida | 四月 07, 2021 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    It is really helpful. 

    If i may make a suggestion: the Bulk Rename Tool could have a function to select part of the string without needing to match exactly. If i'm not mistaken in programming languages you can use * to get any result past it. For example:

    I have these views

    View 01

    View A

    View X

    I could use the * tho delete everything that comes after the "View ". Hope i made myself clear. Sorry for my english

  • Great small free tools!
    Francisco Munoz | 十一月 25, 2020 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    They're wonderful, a real time saver. Thanks for sharing!


    Just a couple of suggestions:

    -Duplicating sheets is not copying the detail families on sheet, like scale bars, etc. Would be good to copy as well.


    -Please change the font colors in Bulk Rename: light grey fonts over white background is barely visible.


    All the best.

  • Great tool
    Michel Remy | 六月 10, 2020 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Thanks a lot. Gret tool usefull.
    Duplicate Views tool would be better if we could choose type of copy; with or without details and dependants views. Is it possible to update this?

    Deyan Nenov (发布者) | 六月 16, 2020

    Dear Michel, Thank you for your comment, very useful. We have made the change and Duplicating Views will now be affected by the Settings user-defined option. The update is pending and should be with you in a couple of days (version 1.0.9). Please, check back to see when it's available. Thank you once again for your very useful feedback!

  • Great Tools!!
    SIN MAN SUN | 六月 03, 2020 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Super easy to use.

    Very clean interface.

    Quick reponse time in software.

  • Duplicate views and sheets
    Antonina Padure | 六月 02, 2020 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Many thanks, super useful and easy to implement!