RevWise Element

RevWise Element



This small yet powerful tool allows you to see an element's history as it is stored in the Autodesk® Revit® file: who and when created or last modified the element. You don't need to store these timestamps in parameters or similar. Revit itself stores this data and now you can read them! For any element in a project or in a family file stored on disk.


Be aware: Revit drops all history for detached workshared projects and families saved from a project. For workshared models, data are read from local copies - synchronize if you are not sure.

Revit distinguishes 2 kinds of modification: "User Modified" - directly modified by the user and "Modified" - changed implicitly during transactions.


The trial version is limited to file system based models (no cloud models) and only to elements from the main model. Full version works with any model and any element.


版本 1.2.0, 2023/3/28
This version resolves "async-await" conflict, causing "hanging" problem. Recommended update.



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  • Amazing tool
    Bassem Amin | 二月 24, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)


    Amazing tool, I would recommend this addin to every BIM Manager, its very powerful tool allows you 

    to see an element's history, Thank you Nikolay.