Export to Unity

Export to Unity

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Export Autodesk® Revit® Models directly to Unity with materials and textures.


Send visible elements of a 3D View to the assets folder of a Unity Project. The tool will generate OBJ, MTL and image files format that can be read by Unity.


Other VR and modeling software like Unreal Engine or Blender can also read these types of files.

All meshes from the 3D view will be parsed and exported to .obj files according to vertices number.

3 grouping options are available: By Materials, By Entities or One Single Object.

Unity can be downloaded from the Unity website: https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download


"Export to Unity" will work only with Revit version 2018.1 or higher.

Image angles from textures are not supported for now. When a Revit material includes a rotated image, the equivalent material in Unity will reset the angle to 0.


版本 1.0.7, 2022/3/3
Added Revit 2021 and 2022 support Improved UV and normal processes Texture rotations



10 评论
  • When is the update?
    Scott Robbins | 四月 18, 2024

    When will the Revit 2024 or Revit 2025 update be?

  • This plug in works for revit 2023?
    Bruna Perícias | 十二月 08, 2022

    This plug in works for revit 2023?

  • nice
    Afnita Rani | 八月 04, 2022

    why properties not using export revit to unity?

  • Problem
    江 承鈞 | 二月 04, 2020

    3d View max vertices is 4000000.
    This is free trial limit? or?


  • Revit 2020
    Juan Ramon Mena Clemot | 十一月 02, 2019

    It works great but it doesn´t work for RVT2020, do you have any update?

    Kevin Miller | 一月 30, 2020

    Can someone please respond to this? I really need a better option than the traditional FBX and I was hoping to give this a try with one of my 2020 files.

  • Al exportar me sigue dando fallos
    Antonio Hernandez Sanchez | 七月 26, 2019

    Hay veces en la que funciona y otras que no, no entiendo el por qué cuando siempre hago el mismo proceso. Saludos

  • Great Product
    Nicholas Wilson | 六月 25, 2019

    Well worth it. very basic but does what it promises and can be a huge time saver

  • Problem
    İdris Bulut | 十月 29, 2018

    Exported Obj files are very small and can not be opened in the Unity. Why?

    E F (发布者) | 十一月 15, 2018

    It’s probably a bug related to materials, it has been fixed in the new version.

  • Good job! ;)
    Cdotastudio Cdotastudio | 十月 18, 2018

    It's great! I will import model to Unity very easiest!

  • Best!
    Talha Hyder | 六月 25, 2018

    One of the best and useful add-ins for Revit.