MEP Opening
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MEP Opening is your new powerhouse tool for Autodesk® Revit®! Automatically model openings in slabs and beams for the passage of pipes, cables and ducts. 


This plugin offers a variety of customization options for creating openings:

  • Choose between the current or linked model for both the structural model (RVT or IFC) and MEP discipline (RVT).
  • Specify the MEP discipline name for unique identification parameters in the created openings.
  • Define the default gap between piping and structure.
    • Support for circular and rectangular openings.
  • Select desired nominal diameters for creating openings.
  • Establish the minimum allowed distance to reference beams and slabs.
  • Choose between different execution scopes.
    • Support for floor plans and 3D views. 


In addition to opening modeling, MEP Opening features:

  • Automatic verification of project guidelines.
    • Easily visualize openings that do not meet defined minimum distances.
  • Automatic identification of inverted beams.
  • Use of custom, standardized, and parameterized families.
    • Standardized symbology for differentiation of circular openings with different diameters.
  • Identification of pre-existing openings, preventing the insertion of duplicate instances. 


Revitalize your MEP workflow with MEP Opening! Create and coordinate opening projects with greater precision and efficiency. 


Upcoming Features:

  • Grouping of closely spaced openings.
  • Support for linked MEP models in IFC format.
  • Validation of already inserted openings.
  • Support for more categories of structural elements. 


Current Execution Limitations:

  • Currently, the plugin supports MEP model links only in RVT format.
  • Currently, only structural elements from the following categories are considered:
    • Beams (structural framing).
    • Slabs.
  • Currently, only MEP elements from the following categories are considered:
    • Conduits.
    • Cable trays.
    • Ducts.
    • Pipes.


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版本 1.0.0, 2024/1/22
Initial release.



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