BLT SMRT Foundry


Foundry is a suite of tools designed to enhance and simplify your design and documentation process.

Designed by Autodesk® Revit® users, the tools were created with a focus on providing a low barrier of entry and easy-to-use user interfaces.


Foundry adds the following features to Revit:


  • PrototypeStudio: Enables users who work on prototypical projects to quickly flesh out their designs with interior finishes. Assign finishes to a room profile (defined by name and number), and automatically model floor, ceiling, and wall finishes.


  • Elevation Creator: Generate elevation views for each wall in a room with ease and accuracy.


  • Elevation Outliner: Add a distinct graphic border to your elevation views, reminiscent of traditional drafting software.


  • View Placer: Organize your views on sheets in an orderly fashion, choosing between rows or columns for optimal layout.


  • Auto-Tag Views: Automatically tag all visible elements in multiple views at once.


  • Settings Manager: A practical tool for managing and sharing your settings, allowing for consistent outcomes across multiple projects.


Explore additional features like Elevation Renamer and Number Doors, each designed to provide added efficiency to your workflow.


Elevate your Revit projects with the precision and functionality of Foundry by BLT SMRT. A reliable solution for modern architecture and engineering professionals. Works with Revit versions 2022, 2023, and 2024.


Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


版本, 2024/3/7
CHANGELOG - Features: - Added support for metric units. New version now supports feet & meters, with plans for future expansion. - Added preselection support for the View Renamer. - Bugfixes: - Functionality: - Prototype Studio: - Addressed an issue in the Room Profile Viewer window in which the list of room profiles was not updating properly when new profiles were imported or changes were reverted. - Addressed an issue that occurred when “New Profile Set” was clicked, “Use Default Location” option was chosen, but then overwrite existing was denied. This workflow previously opened a “Load File” window instead of a “New File” window. - View Creator: - Addressed issue in which the view creator would fail if the chosen view template had the far clip offset set to “do not clip”. - View Outliner: - Improved Stability. Addressed issue in which sometimes the ceiling line was partially cut off by the view crop. - Addressed issue in which the “Masking Region” was not an available choice for the view outliner in Revit 2024. - Place Views Tool: - Addressed issue in the Place Views tool by which certain sheet numbering standards were not being sorted/ordered correctly. This lead to unintended outcomes when placing views sequentially from sheet to sheet. - Application Settings: - Addressed issue in which the settings for the Foundry application was sometimes not loaded. This caused multiple tools to fail upon launch. - Door Renumbering: - Improved stability. Addressed issue in which the Door Renumbering tool would not work or only partially work in some multistory projects. - User Interface: - Addressed issue in which settings expanders (UI) in each tool would only trigger when clicking on the text. Now the expander triggers wherever the mouse is located. - Added an additional loading bar during the initial staging of views for the View Placer tool. Prior to this, large batches of views would cause extended periods of time where the application appears frozen.



1 评论
  • Huge efficiency increase and easy-to-learn user interface
    Miguel Ayala | 五月 15, 2024

    My team has been working with the BLT SMRT Foundry tools for quite some time now and have seen a huge increase in efficiency. The tool is great for some of the more monotonous tasks, like numbering doors and adding finishes to certain room profiles, and helps to get the model put together very quickly. For us, the most powerful tools in the collection are the Elevation Creator and the Elevation Outliner. These two tools alone have saved us countless hours that would have otherwise been wasted on multiple projects. Being able to use these tools for tasks that are normally time-consuming and considered boring by most staff has not only improved efficiency but also accuracy. In addition, the user interface is very well put together and self-explanatory. My team was able to become familiar with the tools and how to use them with little to no learning curve.