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This add-in is intended for use with the Innobrix platform.


The Innobrix Add-in for Autodesk® Revit® is the accompanying add-in for users of the Innobrix web platform, an interactive platform allowing construction companies to easily provide an interactive, three-dimensional house purchasing experience. 


The add-in is used to export BIM geometry for use in the online platform as lightweight, web-compatible geometry for creating a highly interactive user experience, as well as looping back to Revit to generate the same house, or even blocks at a time, based on the end consumer’s wishes and demands.


Export your houses into lightweight, web-compatible geometry for the Innobrix platform

Quickly and easily export your houses into small packaged files, compatible with Innobrix.


Let consumers play with their future homes - rebuild that home in just a few clicks

Convert a consumer’s direct thoughts into a fully realized house within mere minutes, saving you loads of time setting up their perfect house.


Integrate Innobrix into your Autodesk® BIM 360™ workflow

Retrieve and supply* work shared building templates, consumer configurations and finalized houses and housing blocks with BIM 360 Document Management, to integrate Innobrix with your company's workflow.


* Currently, only reading of files is supported by the Innobrix Add-in. Sharing requires the user to upload files manually, after which they can be accessed through the Innobrix Add-in.



版本 1.4.7640, 2021/1/18
Bugfix release: - Fixed displacement sets not being exported correctly Changes from 1.4.7621: Improved export quality of certain element types - Parent-child hierarchy of family instances are now kept during export - Void extrusion elements are now excluded - Import symbols transforms are now properly exported Other recent changes (1.3.7619): - Fixed an issue with exporting IBX files when the document originates from BIM360. - Fixed an issue with exporting IBX files, which caused some files to make Revit crash on open, requiring an audit.




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