Megara 2D Array

Megara 2D Array



No more double Arraying to get your 2-axis array done.

It doesn't group your new instances after Arraying.

Enter rows, columns, horizontal and vertical spacing and it is done.

It is as simple and powerful as it sounds.


Compatibility Notes:

It works with Loadable Families Only, for instance, you can't logically Array a duct.
It works with Spot Elevation, Spot Slope, Spot Coordinates
It doesn't work with Detail lines


License and Activation Notes:

One Seat:
Use the one-time Serial Activation step to give you the ability to install on 1 PC even if not connected to the internet.


Multiple Seats

For IT departments you can do multi PC installation easily after purchasing multiple copies.

Send an Email to Include your Purchasing Email and PC IDs and we will send you the number of Serial numbers up to your purchased copies quantity.


Application Uses Serial Activation method and you get 10 Days / 20 Uses with all features enabled till you officially activate your App.


Send your ID to to get your unique Serial Number.


版本 1.1.0, 2019/10/2
Added Support to Revit 2020



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