Align Views Ez

Align Views Ez

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The plug-in for Autodesk® Revit® can help to save time while aligning multiple drawings with large sets of views and schedules.


Just select a few elements and the align view tool will sort them for you.

  1. Align all views in all sheets: divide sheets into multiple groups, each group sheet has the same amount of view. Sheet members of each group will be copied view reference locations in the first sheet. You have to manually arrange views on the model sheet before aligning.
  2. Align all views in all sheets with the same amount of views: the sheet list will be filtered. Only the sheets which have the same amount of view as the model sheet can be selected.


Furthermore, the plug-in can help you quickly rotate the current view.


版本 1.5.0, 2022/9/2
Fix error: Unable to align viewport(s) due to at least one of them being pinned



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