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The full list of scripts is too long to put it here ;)

I strongly believe in the power of nice drawings, neatly organized tags, and consistency, I hate misalignments and “blinking” things in PDFs. I learned that I could automate these (and other) things with Dynamo, but everyone should be able to do it without learning programming.

Drafter is intended to help you with all things connected with the production of drawings so you can make them faster and be prouder of the work you do!

For now, there are 180 scripts helping you to work faster and more precise. And this project will grow with time! I already have a list of almost 300 scripts I want to include in it.

All the tools are easy to use and master. Using only one of 180+ scripts will significantly improve your work! Also, I made this tool as cheap as possible, so everyone can afford it and save some time!

Right now, there are 20 groups of tools:

1. Title Lines
2. Project Browser
3. Vertical Views
4. Viewports
5. Sheets
6. Scopeboxes
7. Title Blocks
8. Legends
9. Schedules
10. Revisions
11. Text Notes
12. Text Notes - Position
13. Text Note – Leaders
14. Tags
15. Tags - Position
16. Tags – Leaders
17. Dimensions
18. Regions
19. Various
20. Family Editor

For further information, please visit me at: https://w7k.pl/tools/drafter/


版本 1.1.0, 2024/2/12
Tweaks + trial version


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  • Great and Time Saving
    Sonni Jeong | 二月 27, 2024

    Thanks for the useful tools. Looking forward to see more tools in "Regions" and "Various" tab ;)