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Add Filters+

One of the most powerful and versatile features of Autodesk® Revit® is the use of view filters. View filters allow for highly customizable methods for controlling the visibility and graphics of elements within Revit. At GeminiBIM, we have developed the Add Filters+ add-in to provide Revit users with a streamlined approach to bulk-adding or modifying filters applied to Revit view templates. This add-in alleviates the difficulty of manually adding or modifying view filters assigned to multiple view templates by providing a robust user interface that allows various methods to add or modify filters. You can manually add and configure filters and assign them to multiple view templates or automate the process by copying view filters from an existing Revit template and assigning them to other templates, copying all aspects of visibility control and the graphical setting assigned to the view filter. The Filter+ was designed to provide a simplistic approach to managing view filters within the Revit project environment and will reduce the efforts needed to manage view filters.


Template Transfer 

Managing view templates within Revit can be a time-consuming task; ensuring that specific desired settings are consistent across multiple view templates or adjusting settings across numerous templates within a Revit project can pose a challenge. Here at GeminiBIM, we developed the Template Transfer utility that provides an intuitive and efficient method to apply changes across a single view template or multiple templates in a Revit project by specifying a source view template and settings to transfer from and target view templates to modify. The Template Transfer utility provides a method to foster greater consistency and reduces the efforts needed to modify view templates within the project environment.


Workset Prompt 

One of the main challenges for users in Revit is modeling on the correct worksets when working within a workshared model. Unfortunately, users will often open a model and forget to check the active workset before modeling. This can lead to several issues and hours of wasted labor attempting to fix the items modeled on the wrong workset. Here at GeminiBIM, we wanted a simple and effective plug-and-play type solution to help with this problem that many BIM Managers encounter while at the same time instilling good modeling habits for users by making them always verify the active starting workset. We developed the Workset Prompt, a simple solution that is easily implemented and requires virtually no set-up or user training. All that is needed is to install and activate the add-in. Once installed and activated, the user will be prompted to select an active workset when opening workshared Revit models.


版本, 2023/8/31
1. Updated to support Revit 2024 2. Add Filters+ tool now supports Selection Filters



2 评论
  • Highly recommend
    Austin McAleese | 六月 27, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    A great set of tools to help alleviate mistakes and help facilitate the BIM management process. The Work set prompt has allowed for users to easily identify what work set they are using and stop them from possibly modeling on unwanted work sets. The template transfer tool helps me work quicker and more efficiently to address changes to multiple views across various disciplines. If you use filters to control your V/G then this would be a great tool to check out. It’s a great way to streamline filters to multiple views and load filters from templates you may already have. Great tools and I look forward to seeing what else GeminiBIM creates. 

  • Excellent Tools
    Matthew Knotts | 六月 23, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    These tools have proven to be quite useful, especially the work set prompt which has avoided a lot of headaches in my office on larger jobs where new or less familiar engineers are modeling. As for managing models, the template transfer and filter tools have added an increased layer of efficiency as well and saved a lot of time. If your firm/company does not find these useful it is very likely your BIM processes need further developed.