ON / OFF CAD Imported Drawings

ON / OFF CAD Imported Drawings

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This app is helpful while creating 3D drawings from imported 2D drawings in Autodesk® Revit®.  It enables you to turn ON / OFF the imported CAD Drawings. It’s easy to ON / OFF as all the drawings will be listed in ribbon panel. 


版本 1.0.1, 2019/1/10
Latest release



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  • Very Usefull
    CHRISTOPHE LEGRAND | 九月 27, 2019 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Just try, and it seems it will be helpull for my project.

    2 questions :

    • What's happene about ribbon when you have lot of DWG (more that 15 for example) ?
    • Is it possible to uninstall "Import Install" when we stop to work with DWG ?

    Parthiban Senthamaraikannan (发布者) | 十二月 05, 2019

    Christophe Legrand; thanks for comment. Answers to your questions ; both questions can doable like, 1.more than 15 dwg connected we can create a drop down based on customer grouping. 2.YES it's possible to uninstall the ribbon. I am in on site now; Above 2 Customization will take a some time to incorporate with this free Tool. You need any urgent requirement please write a mail. If you need any more Customization please call or WhatsApp me +91 9994958274. You can reach me in email I'd Interactiveparthiban@icloud.com