Rolling Offset

Rolling Offset



Rolling offset is a plugin for connecting two selected conduits to each other in both the horizontal and vertical planes.


Two fittings and one conduit are created between the selected conduits.This plugin works only for conduits and fitting.

The steps for using Rolling Offset are:

  1. For creating a rolling offset conduit, you must select 2 conduits.
  2. If more than 2 conduits are selected, or none are selected then a message box appears .
  3. When 2 conduits are selected they will be connected with each other with rolling offset conditional.


版本 1.0.2, 2023/5/23
This application will create 2 fittings and 1 conduit between 2 selected conduits, and it will be connected each other.



2 评论
  • Good idea but needs work
    Mike Nowak | 五月 11, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Can be very helpful for annoying rolling offsets but right now at V1 it needs work. At the moment it keeps creating new conduit at 1/8" size. Needs to inherit the size of the conduit being drawn.

    Kiro Andreev (发布者) | 五月 23, 2023

    Dear Mike, Please reinstall app.The BUG is solved. Best Regards.

  • Tony
    Tony Duong | 一月 13, 2023

    Rolling offset need to provide a list of angle and custom angle

    Meghan Wilber | 十月 11, 2023

    I second this!