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The future of coordination lies in Clash Prevention.

Clash Preventor is an add-in for Autodesk® Revit® that allows the user to prevent clashes by running clash prevention tests while he/she works.

The tool automatically tests modified elements for clashes. A manual mode also exists allowing the user to check selected elements, visible in view elements, or all elements for clashes as well.

The user can filter elements by category, knowing that Revit Links and IFC links are supported by this tool as well.

When clashing elements are detected, the user is allowed to navigate and visualize clashes in 3D by automatically creating a section box around the elements, and has the ability to tile all open views when he proceeds to solve the clashes for better visualization. The built-in Clash Browser automatically generates a Clash Report that simplifies the clash resolution process, and that can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, which can also be imported later on.


The tool also includes a Navisworks Report Import mode where users can import HTML clash detection reports generated by Navisworks straight into Revit for easier visualization and clash resolution process.

This tool is a huge time saver as it prevents clashes without wasting the user's time, and because it helps reduce clashes it then reduces the time usually wasted on detecting and solving clashes through conventional clash detection tests.

Revit 2018-2019-2020-2021 editions are all supported.


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版本 2.0, 2021/1/18
- Added support for Revit 2021. - Added support for Point Clouds. - A new mode has been added that selects, zooms to, and temporarily colors clashes in all opened views as soon as you select them in the list. - Added a clash colorize mode that permanently colors clashes in the opened and active view. - Added feature to customize the required colors. - Added a new mode that imports Navisworks HTML reports into Clash Preventor's Clash Browser. - Multi-threading: the tool uses all available cores to check for clashes, which makes the clash detection process 8 times (number of cores dependent) faster than before. - Before running any clash detection study, and if it needs more than 30 seconds, the time required would be estimated, using an advanced technology that uses machine learning to determine and improve time estimation over time based on each user's hardware specs. - Users can now select categories for each link, and leave links blank in case they should be excluded from the clash detection studies. - Users can now specify the 3D view name and its section box offset. - Added a whitelist mode. - The tool now remembers the clash report and "whitelist" for each project and throughout Revit sessions. - The total number of clashes is now shown in the Clash Browser - Added a tolerance mode that whitelists elements based on a geometric tolerance. - Added support for clash filtering based on phase. - The export now supports XLSX file format. - Added a new smart clash sorting and grouping feature, by element Id or by element category name. - Fixed several minor bugs.



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