SimCFD Pump Automation

SimCFD Pump Automation

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The Turbomachinery performance curve (also known as the head-capacity curve) is one of the most useful results designers extract from their simulation data. Use this app to simplify and standardize the process of generating your performance curve. This app computes the performance curve (GPM vs. ft. H2O) based on results from Autodesk® Simulation CFD 360 2013 or CFD 2014, and reports the curve in Microsoft® Excel. 


Note: Microsoft® Excel is required for data processing.


This Turbomachinery App is available as an add-in within the Autodesk® Simulation CFD user interface.  Only Simulation CFD 360 2013 and CFD 2014 is supported.  The benefit of using this tool with Simulation 360 is that you can run all your operating points simultaneously.


Note: This app is designed to only work with single inlet single outlet devices.


This app automates several tasks necessary to compute the performance curve: 

1. Starting from a single scenario, the app creates a multi-scenario design using your specified inputs.

2. It modifies existing scenarios to continue with a simple configuration change. This eliminates having to change each scenario manually.

3. Lastly, the application processes the data to produce an Excel file containing your torque, performance curves, and basic operating data.

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Verze 2.0.2, 05.07.2019

Supports 2019

Resolved: Need to for some users to not need to run CFD as Admin

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