Autodesk® CFD® FBX Exporter 5.0

Autodesk® CFD® FBX Exporter 5.0

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The FBX Export App is available as an add-in within the Autodesk® CFD® user interface. This app version (5.0) supports Autodesk CFD 2016-2024 versions. Note that it also supports previous Simulation CFD versions.

You can export Autodesk CFD results (particle traces, cut planes, shaded model surfaces, and iso-surfaces) to Autodesk visualization products. The newly added polyline option allows result exchange with 3DS Max, Maya and VRED (with the provided macros).

This app leverages advanced visualization techniques of other Autodesk products to customize lighting, textures, animations and colors of Autodesk CFD results.

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Versione 5.0.0, 17/07/2023
This version supports Autodesk CFD 2016-2024. It is backward compatible and supports Simulation CFD 2015.

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