SimCFD to Simulation Mechanical

SimCFD to Simulation Mechanical

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In many design processes it is important to understand the structural response to the flow solution. The CFD to Mechanical FEA Transfer utility allows for pressure data from Autodesk Simulation CFD to be mapped onto your Autodesk Simulation Mechanical mesh. 



Simulation CFD 2014 is supported 

Simulation Mechanical 2014 is supported.



This CFD to Mechanical FEA Transfer App is available as an add-in within the Autodesk® Simulation CFD user interface.  It works with Simulation CFD 2014. 


This app will interpolate Fluid forces acting on a model and generate a file that can then be used in Autodesk Simulation Mechanical to complete a structural analysis.


At a high level the process is: 

1. Assign placeholder Pressure loads within Autodesk Simulation Mechanical.

2. Setup and run Autodesk Simulation CFD analysis.

3. Leverage Database Translator of Autodesk Simulation Mechanical to generate data exchange files for the CFD to Mechanical FEA Transfer.

4. Generate mapped CFD results using previous generated files

5. Load mapped results back into Autodesk Simulation Mechanical

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