ShapeDiver is an online platform that simplifies hosting and sharing Grasshopper files online. Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper are powerful design tools hundreds of thousands of professionals use worldwide. We provide the tools and scalable infrastructure to help you transform your library of Grasshopper files into powerful and shareable web applications.


By using ShapeDiver, you can share the full power of your parametric design files with partners, clients, and other non-technical stakeholders wherever they are while protecting your IP.


Use this app for

  • loading and controlling Grasshopper algorithms from within Autodesk® Forma projects.
  • baking the resulting geometry into the project, and
  • running analysis tools provided by Forma on the geometry


To get started, create a ShapeDiver account and start uploading parametric definitions created in Grasshopper.

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Версия 1.0.0, 09.05.2023
Initial release.

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