Mirror For Autodesk® Vault® 2019

Mirror For Autodesk® Vault® 2019

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Mirror For Autodesk® Vault® is a POC application for downloading a read-only copy of a user’s Vault contents to a predefined Windows folder location mirroring the virtual folder structure in Vault Explorer.


It demonstrates the concept of a lightweight automated tool with two modes of operation. Full Mirror is a more comprehensive approach that scans all folders by downloading all files and folders from selected Vault’s folder. Partial Mirror ignores local drive content, just downloading all the files that have been added into Vault from the selected date.


Mirror For Vault does not create an exact Vault replica, in so much as it does not replicate items, meta-data (properties), file history, security, lifecycle states, custom objects or change orders.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 3.5.0, 29.05.2020
Support for the Vault 2019 version. General improvements.

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  • Mirror not working after change to using autodesk.com licensing
    Gavin Kluska | März 26, 2021

    Is anyone else having issues running Mirror using command line arguments after changing to autodesk.com licensing.  The mirror program will run interactively but fails to connect if using command line arguments.

    AMC Bridge Tech Support | April 12, 2021

    Hi Gavin, thank you for our interest in Mirror for Autodesk Revit add-in. Please contact support@amcbridge.com and provide more details about the license you are using and the error you are getting.

  • Wildcard in Paths
    Peter Janickovic | Februar 18, 2020

    Hello, I would like to ask if wildcard are supported in path? something like this would be great



    AMC Bridge Tech Support | Februar 26, 2020

    Hi Peter, thank you for your interest in Mirror for Autodesk Vault. Currently wildcards are not supported. We will take this functionality into consideration while planning future releases.

  • More than almost perfect
    Christian Hombach | Juli 30, 2019 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    For me it is more than almost perfect, so 5 star rating.

    But a command line argument [-silent] would be absolutely great and somewhat mandatory to not beeing killed by users...

    => part of "Mirror for Autodesk Vault 2020" ???  Available soon??

    AMC Bridge Tech Support | August 19, 2019

    Hi Christian, thank you for your interest in Mirror For Autodesk Vault add-in. In new version (3.3) of the add-in for Autodesk Vault 2019 the "completed" message box is not displayed, instead of that the result is outputted in the command line. Mirror For Autodesk Vault 2020 is now available on Autodesk App Store.

  • Almost perfect
    Børre Hartviksen | Februar 10, 2019 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Great little tool that have saved me many times. Use a vault mirror into my onedrive so i can access files from everywhere even if vault is not available. Only issue i have is a pop up that comes when its run from command line. Its not 100% silent anymore.

    AMC Bridge Tech Support | Februar 28, 2019

    Hi Borre, thank you for your interest in Mirror For Autodesk Vault add-in. Your feedback is valuable for us. That issue was added to bug tracking system and will be fixed in future releases.

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