cSys Clean Working Folder 2024

cSys Clean Working Folder 2024



Clean Working Folder is an easy way to delete files from a specific folder(s) in the working folders of Autodesk® Vault®. 

Note that every Vault year version has its own app version: List of apps for different Vault versions


Select the folder in Vault right-click, and select Clean Working Folder. 

Clean only Read Only files Delete only files which are “Read Only” in File Explorer.
Clean All Files Delete all files from the folder.
Note! Deletes also Checked out files (which are not Read Only files in File Explorer.
Clean also Sub-folders Delete files also in sub-folders.
Remove Empty Folders Delete also empty folders.
Product Page Opens the product page in your web browser
Info Opens a window with workstation information.
More information below.


See detailed information here: https://meksystems.fi/autodesk-apps/clean-working-folder/

Acerca de esta versión

Versión 29.0, 21/12/2023
Works with Autodesk Vault Professional 2024

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  • Thank you for this
    Harald Snel | junio 13, 2024 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Hoping to see 2025 soon

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