Autodesk® Vault® 2019 R2 Add-in for SOLIDWORKS®

Autodesk® Vault® 2019 R2 Add-in for SOLIDWORKS®

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Autodesk® Vault® Professional Add-In for SOLIDWORKS® is for customers who are migrating to Autodesk Solutions or customers with a multi CAD environment where Autodesk Vault Professional is used as their Data Management solution.


Using this app, SOLIDWORKS files can be stored, maintained, updated and version-controlled in Autodesk Vault Professional along with other files from Autodesk applications. This allows a group of users to work concurrently on designs without the fear of overwriting modified files or working on the wrong version of a design.

With the release of Vault 2019 R2, we upgraded the SOLIDWORKS Vault add-in. 


We heard your performance concerns from earlier releases. The Vault add-in for SOLIDWORKS has been entirely re-written, and it is fast. Operations like Open From Vault, Check out are faster from earlier releases.


In other words, if you are using to Vault with Autodesk® Inventor® and/or Autodesk® AutoCAD®, you will get almost the same speed with Vault and SOLIDWORKS. 


New with the release of the improved add-in, we can extract Bill of Materials (assemblies) and Cut List (Structural Part) from SOLIDWORKS. 

This release of the app enables you to manage your SOLIDWORKS 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 files using Autodesk Vault Professional 2019.


Known Issue: This app is targeted at small, moderate complexity assemblies. 


バージョン, 2021/02/10
2019 R2 Version of Vault 2019 add-in


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  • Fast and good
    Dan Margulius | 8月 26, 2019


    it's working very good now, but we are missing the vault browser tree. 

    It's difficult to see wich part is checked in \ out. 

    Please advise in this matter.



    JEREMY DANIELS | 10月 10, 2019

    I agree with Dan. The Vault bowser tree is a very important feature that gives more accurate data on the status of files in Vault through SolidWorks. Some status info isn't recognized in Vault until for example you initiate a state change. In Vault the status glyph may show that everything is happy, but when initiating a state change you have in fact have files that "are not the latest" when moving assemblies through lifecycles. The Vault brower within the apps (SolidWorks namely in this instance) will tell you that there is an issue. Without the browser, users are blind to any problems on the app side.