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The referenceInspector combines the "Uses" and "Where Used" tab of Autodesk® Vault®.

When a document is selected in Vault the referenceInspector provides an additional tab "referenceInspector". This tab displays in the left window the references (Uses) of the document. On the right side the documents are displayed in which the selected document is used (Where Used).

So, if you have selected a component in the left window of the referenceInspector you can see the assemblies and drawings where this component is used, without jumping back and forth in different Vault tabs.

On the context menu you find the following commands:

  • Go To Folder: Like the Vault’s Go To Folder menu, clicking this will bring the folder in the Navigation pane in focus in which the file belongs to. If the folder selected in the Navigation pane is the one that is currently selected, then nothing will happen.
  • Go To File: Again like the Vault’s Go To File menu, clicking this will select the file in the Vault explorer area above. This will trigger a refresh and the tab will be filled with the context of current selection.
  • Go To Working Folder: Go To Working Folder also works similar to the one that is available in Vault. Clicking this menu will open the corresponding working folder. It will be created and opened if it does not exist before.
  • Expand All: Available only for referenceInspector. By clicking this menu for a selected node, all the children nodes will be expanded.
  • Collapse All: Available only for referenceInspector. By clicking this menu for a selected node, all the children nodes will be collapsed.
  • Help: Opens up the local documentation.
  • About: Info about the app.
  • Help for Customization: Opens up the local documentation on customization

Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja 24.0.17031, 26.05.2023
Support for Vault 2024 Removed support for Vault 2021 Vault version added to the name of the assembly - e.g. referenceInspector2024.dll etc.

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  • vault2024
    Csaba Kocsi | kwietnia 26, 2023 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)


    vault2024 is also supported?



    cool Orange | czerwca 05, 2023

    Hallo, Vault 2024 is now supported with the current version published on 26th May 2023. coolOrange

  • Nice to be able to see up and down tree now
    Kirk Arthur | maja 12, 2020 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    A right-click context menu would be so nice.  I know it would be a huge task for a full menu, but at least a  Get, Check-out/Check-In and Open.

    Also when I try to customize the columns with "Vault Status" Icon, It does not display in the browser. Shows Autodesk.DataMAnagement.Client.Framework.Vault.Currency.Properties.EntityStatusImageIngfo rather than actual status.

    No "Thumbnail" available in Column Chooser either.



    Paul Van Dalen | listopada 04, 2021

    I agree with this, need the open at least. change revision, get, check in and check out would be great to have. Other than that i love the tool. Thanks

  • Looks great at the first view
    Norbert Saremba | sierpnia 30, 2019 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Dear coolOrange Team,

    The idea is nice; Installer works well - Uninstaller also :-)

    In my eyes it makes no sence to create a tool which has no function. So we uninstalled...

    To be honest, nowadays you can't implement any windows in the Vault and forget to install the Vault functions (context menu).
    A pity ...

  • RegisterContext Menu Commands
    Dominik Gleinser | stycznia 10, 2019

    Hallo CoolOrange Team,

    thank you very much for the tool. this is a very useful feature!

    As described in the reademe, some simple notes:

    1) Commands which would be useful: 1)Export to Wndows-Folder 2) Mark all or mark with shift or STRG and Export (RMPT-->Export) or 3) Pack&Go and send with Email


    One error: in the "Where used" tab (riht) it is possible to change he file name. No worry it has no effect and is reseted with F5.

    Best regards


  • Useful utility
    Tim Mueller | grudnia 20, 2018 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    This is a great utility for interrogating a design without having to navigate to parent/child folders. It would be better if there were a right click context menu including "Go to folder", "View in Window" and "Go to working Folder".

  • It looks like!
    Антон Майоров | grudnia 06, 2018 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    We need a right-click context menu!

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