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AutoProperties copies the values of properties defined on a folder to the properties of a document when it is added to Autodesk® Vault®. Only values of properties that are defined on both the file category of the document and the folder are copied. Folder properties of all folders in the hierarchy are copied, so definitions can be made on multiple levels. 

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Wersja, 26.06.2020
- Updated for Vault 2021 - Updated for Vault 2020 - Updated for Vault 2019 - Updated for Vault 2018

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  • Improves speed and accuracy
    Tarryn Wells | stycznia 06, 2020 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Using this app has allowed us to allocate Vault Properties at an Admin level that will propogate down to the files loaded into Vault by our End Users. It elimates the need to allocate all Vault Properties to files individually, thus reducing time and increasing accuracy.

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