Project Thunderdome for Autodesk® Vault® 2019

Project Thunderdome for Autodesk® Vault® 2019

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Project Thunderdome for Autodesk® Vault®2019  solves the problem of sharing the local configuration inside the team. 

The add-in provides the ability to maintain multi-user accounts and enables the Vault users to backup and restore the Vault settingsshare local settings and content between the team members, as well as save Vault configuration. 

The add-in is compatible with Vault Professional and Workgroup 2017-2019. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 


版本, 2020/8/13
Support of Vault 2019



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  • Great App
    Daniel Valentin Dobrea | 十二月 21, 2018 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Great app! Finaly available also for 2019.

    Daniel Valentin Dobrea | 十月 19, 2020

    Can future releases can have an autoupdate function? This would help end users benefit from latest improvements as they are available!

    AMC Bridge Tech Support | 十月 30, 2020

    Hi Daniel, thank you for your interest in Project Thunderdome for Autodesk Vault add-in. Your feedback is valuable for us. The proposed improvement will be taken into consideration while planning future releases.